Bullfighters, the Wreck Prevention Specialists

Since we’ve reached number five today on the countdown on both the best and worst sides, and since it’s Christmas, I’m changing things up. Today both highlights are going to be on the best side but they are both number five and nothing else changes.

It didn’t seem right to have all these great saves from our outstanding bull fighters on the wrong side of the countdown. Since I’m mostly making this up as we go I can do that I suppose. I hope you all enjoy it either way.

Merry Christmas once again and Happy New Year.

The Bullfighters are what keeps potentially every bull ride from turning into a wreck. Yesterday we saw Brett Monea get hooked by Pound the Alarm, that wasn’t before he saved Ty Patten from getting wiped out.

Brett did the same here helping Jordan Hansen out of another hang-up before getting kicked.

Jordan sure gave the bull fighters something to do, here he let Scott Waye get him out of yet another hang-up.

Back to the Monea show, he did this numerous times this year, like back in April here with Jesse Torkelson. 

Or with Ty Elliot in Eatonia. Bo Byrne got in a bit of a spot at the beginning but gets right back in the game.

Another of Bo’s we have is with Kynan Vine on his last day as a professional bull fighter up in Dawson Creek where they took this bull for a trip away from Adam Jamison.

Most recently at the CFR, Scott Byrne and Brett Monea helped out Tyler Thomson. They distracted the heck out of Big Valley Black in what was his final out ever. Check it at 17:30 of the video here courtesy of RoadtotheCFR.com and the CPRA.

Stay tuned later today for another highlight in the number five position. Tomorrow we’re onto number four.



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