Brazile wins big at the NFR

Trevor Brazile wins his 12th, 13th and 14th PRCA World Championships in 2010. This included his record 8th World All-Around Title his 3rd World Championship in the Calf Roping and his 1st in the Team Roping Heading. Trevor also has two World Championships in the Steer Roping. The 8th World All Around Championship was the one in which he surpassed Ty Murray’s record set just 12 years ago. How many more Gold Buckles do you think Trevor Brazile will win? He also won over 500k this year alone. How long do you think it will be until he wins a million in single season? With the WNFR prize money going up each year I’m not sure if the million dollar season is very far off.

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  1. I don’t think Trevor will ever get to $1 million in a single season, because the prize money won’t go up that much by the time he is done. The go-round winner this year made less than $400 than go-round winners last year, so it didn’t increase that dramatically.

    And it’s going to be rare that he wins the average in one event and finishes second in the average in another. We might not see him win $500,000 in a single season ever again, so this was a good year to be watching.

    1. Ok, so you don’t think Trevor will make $1 million in a single season in his career Ted. I have another question for you. When do you think somone in the PRCA will have a million dollar season?
      I am going to make my own prediction too.
      Based on the round money going up by $400 per place (if that’s right) I think that’s what you mean, that would be $400X6 which would be $2400 more per event per year. With the rounds paying $56k right now that means next year it should be $58k. 2012 would be $60 and so on until in 2020 it should pay $80k per round per event (in total). So with 7 events (counting team roping as one because you can’t make the finals in both ends) that would be $5.6 million up for grabs ($6.4 million total including both heading and healing in the team roping). I think double the money is probably when it would be most likely for someone to have a million dollar season in the PRCA. However I haven’t taken into account the qualifying rodeos for the season. I’m not sure what that number is over a year so maybe that extra 24k per round will add up to someone at least getting close.
      I have to agree with you though I don’t see it happenening really soon, maybe not in my career either, but I bet that I see it in my lifetime.

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