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NASHVILLE, Tennessee — Retired Saddle Rider now known as a Stock Contractor, Billy Richards of Cochrane, AB was the star of Rodeo Chat last night on Twitter.

Billy was requested by a fan and his name is Cal Jarvis. Rodeo Chat is hosted by Paige Gregory.

Thanks to Paige for allowing us to re-publish her article. You can find this original interview and more of Paige’s work here. 

RodeoChat: What sparked the fire in you for riding broncs? Also, What bronc riders lit that flame that you looked up too ?

Billy Richards: My grandpa rode broncs in the 30′s and my dad in the 60′s and 70′s so it was naturally what I wanted to do. Billy Etbauer, was my idol and was fortunate enough to travel with him for a time.

RodeoChat: Did you always ride broncs? Or did you enter other rodeo events as well?

Billy Richards: I have done every event but SB was my true desire that I grew up dreaming about.

RodeoChat: In your era of saddle bronc riding i’m sure it was different then today.. Question is.. How did you motivate yourself to qualifying for those 5 CFR’S. ?

Billy Richards: My motivation was the pure love of riding bucking horses. Doing what you love is motivation enough.

RodeoChat: What’s one story that stood out the most in your bronc riding career that you can share with all the #RodeoChat fans?

Billy Richards: I drove to ft worth got on 1st one thought 2nd one was next nite but was next day and missed it. I did show up early to Austin once. Couldn’t find my horse to save my life. I was bad at planning.

RodeoChat: Let’s change the subject! Now that your a retired bronc rider.. You took on the stock contracting role. What’s it like?

Billy Richards: I grew up in it my dad is a Stock Contractor so it was a natural progression for me. I love my horses as much as I loved riding.

RodeoChat: Perfect! What are some of the HOT horses you have out at some rodeos this year?

Billy Richards: My best horse is 609 Afternoon Delight . Pete Carr is packing one I raised called 234 Champagne Jam.

RodeoChat: How many bucking horses do you all raise at your ranch?

Billy Richards: Between my dad my brother and I there are roughly between 250-300 at any given time. Ranging from colts to 30 yrs.

RodeoChat: Wow! That’s a lot of buckin horses. Where do you purchase all of your bucking horses at? Do you raise them on your own?

Billy Richards: We probably raise 80% but do try to infuse the breeding program with new bloodlines. Mostly private treaty from other breeders.

RodeoChat: Gotcha! How do you train your horses to buck, and get them ready for the bright lights & roaring crowds?

Billy Richards: you don’t train them. They are bred to buck and they either have it or they don’t! Can’t make them buck. There are ways of handling and exposing that can ease them into the life on the road for sure.

RodeoChat: So what’s going on in 2014 for you? Anything exciting to look forward too?

Billy Richards: Our 12 best horses will be hitting some pro rodeos under Vold Rodeo this year so that’s pretty exciting!

Fan Question from Paula Jean Cullar (@luvhornsnhorses) on Twitter: Billy, favorite movie shot onsite at the Family Ranch?

Billy Richards: Not much shot at home but my fave probably Legends of the Fall shot on the Stoney Reservation 5 miles from house.

Paige Gregory

Host and Creator: RodeoChat



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