Big Win for Birks in Stavely

Stavely AB- The 11th annual Glen Keeley Memorial Bull Riding took place Saturday night, bringing together the top bulls and bull riders this country has to offer. Australian cowboy Josh Birks came out on top winning his second Glen Keeley Memorial buckle in three years.
Here are the Highlights from last nights event:

Out early in the long round, Birks set the bar high with this huge ride on Braithwaite’s Big Red for a score of 89 points:

Devon Mezei opted to take his re ride in the long round which he made the most of by snapping Wild Hoggs Rosin Fire for 88.5 points:

Veteran Scott Schiffner rode Braithwaite’s Aurora to an 86 point score in the long round:

In the short round Saskatchewn cowboy Tim Lipsett picked up an 85 point ride on Franklin’s Angry Music to add to his 83.5 in the long round placing him tied for second overall in the event:

Adam Jamison got Braithwaite’s Wrangler Extreme rode for an 85 to join Tim for second place in the event:

Being the last man to go in the short round Josh Birks stepped up to the plate and knocked out Skori’s Minion Stewart for 88 points to win the event:

Bull of the Night honors went to the honky juice cat from the Wild Hoggs firm Trendon:

Unofficial results from the 2014 Glen Keeley Memorial:
Long Go:1. Josh Birks 89 points on Braithwaite’s Big Red, $928.00; 2. Devon Mezei 88.5, $696.15; 3. Scott Schiffner 86, $464.10; 4. Jordan Hansen 85, $116.02; 4. Cawl Braithwaite 85, $116.02; 6. Rosendo Ramirez 84.5; 7. Tim Lipsett 83.5; 7. Adam Jamison 83.5; 7. Cole Young 83.5; 10. Jake Wilson 81.5; 11. Brock Radford 81; 12. Cole Young 80

Short Go: Josh Birks 88 points on Skori’s Minion Stewart, $1005.55; 2/3. Tim Lipsett 85, $657.47; 2/3. Adam Jamison 85, $657.47; no other qualified rides

Average and total money won: 1. Josh Birks 177/2, $5723.90; 2/3. Tim Lipsett 168.5/2, $2823.28; 2/3. Adam Jamison 168.5/2, $2823.28; 4. Devon Mezi 88.5, $1779.05; 5. Scott Schiffner 86, $1113.84; 6/7. Cawl Braithwaite 85, $495.05; 6/7. Jordan Hansen 85, $495.05; 8. Rosendo Ramirez 84.5, $216.58



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