Besplug’s Biggest Win – Number One on the #EC12of12

Chad Besplug’s $100,000 win at the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede is Number One on the Everything Cowboy’s Top Moments of 2012. 

Calgary, AB: It might be a day late today but it’s sure not a dollar short. Chad Besplug winning this year’s Calgary Stampede on it’s 100th Anniversary was by far the biggest moment of 2012. By the way he was talking during the week, you could tell it was all he wanted.

Even with all of the other things Chad had won throughout his career he said this was the biggest moment for him. There’s so much more to Calgary than any other event when it comes down to it. There’s nothing like it. I mean which other rodeo in the world could you say you were going to Disneyland in your acceptance speech then have a Disneyland representative hear it and pick up your tab there a month later.

It’s great to see them moving things forward to help the entire sport grow.

Another interesting fact was that Chad was the only Canadian to win the $100,000 bonus at the Stampede. Tom Three Persons won the Saddle Bronc at the 1912 Stampede as the only Canadian to win an event at the first Stampede.

I wasn’t able to find much more for footage as most of it was on the CBC website. This is the big one though thanks to the Calgary Stampede on YouTube.


Chad got his shoulder fixed a little bit before Christmas and will be back in time to defend his Calgary title. His sister won it twice so he’s got some catching up to do yet.

To be honest I forgot about this wreck the other day when I posted them all but it works out cause this one is the wreck of the year by far. Steve Turner’s wreck the other day was close but still, Jordynn here really did it.


Happy New Year everyone. Best of luck to you in 2013! Thanks for all being a part of this site and making it what it has become. I’m sure looking forward to this year and what it has to bring.

Ted Stovin



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