A Vegetarian’s Nightmare

Baxter Black on a Thursday what could be better? It’s almost the weekend and you might be at work and needing a laugh right now, might be at school, just anywhere needing a laugh. Well here is a video clip from the Johnny Carson show taped in 1987 that is bound to do that. Waddie Mitchell is the other Cowboy in the video there and I will be putting up a video or two from them in the near future. If you are anywhere near Elko, Nevada from January 24-29, check out the post and video below because you might be able to see Baxter there! I know I am sure hoping to go. Does anyone have any stories about actually meeting Baxter Black before?

I have a really good one where my Dad was watching a parade for the opening of an ag arena up in Fairview, Alberta. Well what happened was my Mom saw him in the car waving to everyone and told my Dad that she thought he looked kind of lonely. My Dad thought it wasn’t fair he was riding by himself either so Dad grabbed a couple beers and went and jumped in with Baxter right in the middle of the parade. It went over well and they ended up telling stories throughout the whole route. By the end of the evening of functions Dad and Baxter became friends and just the other day my Dad showed me a book of Baxter’s that he had signed for him. Baxter signed to my Dad “Stovey, The Only Cowboy Windier Than I, Baxter Black”

I would enjoy to hear your story and I hope you enjoy this video!



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