A Check in Houston For Laye on First Day

HOUSTON, Texas — Clint Laye scored a solid 84 points last night on Lone Star of the Cervi Championship Rodeo Company. That left him in a tie for second place to give him $833 in winnings thus far.

Straws and Tanner Milan were out of the money but both made a solid effort. It looked like Tanner didn’t break out but apparently he did. Straws missed his steer by a bit but caught up to him and got him down. Tanner would have won the round if it wasn’t for that barrier. Hopefully both get it done tonight.

Same goes for Lindsay Sears and Martha who knocked two barrels last night along with Chad Besplug who was bucked off.

You can watch them in round two of bracket three tonight starting at 6:45 CST on the Fox Sports Southwest website via this link: http://msn.foxsports.com/southwest/story/rodeo-houston-live-webcast-030414

Highlights on the app are awesome, you can search by each contestant for each of their individual rides or runs. Hats off to Rodeo Houston for all of their work on Social Media. Here’s where to download that app: https://admin.rodeohouston.com/GuestServices/MobileApp.aspx



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