A $20,000 Bull Ride in Wanham, AB – Number Four #EC12of12

Jasper, AB: The bounty bull at the Wanham PBR hadn’t been ridden in a number of years. In 2010 it was Zane Lambert up against Bag of Hammers, in 2011 it was Tyler Thomson up against Slash. In 2012 the bonus money added up to $20,000.

Someone had to get to that top spot at the event first to be able to face the Triangle X, Vold Rodeo Bull VJV Slash, Canada’s Most Decorated Bull Ever. All they needed to to was get to that eight second whistle and they got the check. It had only been done about three times before this day.

Kyle Lozier re-entered both nights hoping to get that event win to take on Slash. He rode six of eight on the weekend and made the short go three out of four times.

His 85 on Sawyer’s Jiminy Hou was his top score in the long go.


That set him up just right in the short go for a date with the Vold Bull Turn Me Down.


87.5 points was the result and he led after day one.


Kyle’s scores held up for the event win and the match with the great Slash. Thanks to Juxtapose Productions the makers of Hell on Hooves for this video footage with a few of the top 3D Bullriding moments in the past year.


Here’s the Everything Cowboy footage which isn’t that good but seems right at the time. I’m glad I finally bought that new camera!


Our second interview in as many days wasn’t too much different than the first. This win was a big deal for Kyle as it was a big help in him making his PBR Built Ford Tough Series debut later in the season.


That’s it for number four. 2012 is almost over and the countdown is almost over too. Number three comes tomorrow while we’re at the Ponoka Rodeo Master’s Roughstock Futurity.

Remember to get your tickets early for New Years Eve to save money at the door!

See you there.



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