#9: Support from the Community

CALGARY, Alberta — There’s no community like the rodeo and bull riding community and the people in it.

Number nine on the Everything Cowboy Biggest Moments of 2014 countdown brought to you by 3D Bull Riding Inc isn’t really a moment, as it is a few moments and events throughout the year.

The impact of the support of the community in our business is like none other. This item could be further up the list and I know there are more than just these few events.

The three that stood out for me this year, and I know there are more, include: the Celebration of the Two Bit Nation in support of Dusty and Renee Ephrom; the Canadian Cowboy Ski Race in support of the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team and Black Tie Bingo for the Edmonton Rodeo Cowboys Benevolent Fund.

In Magrath, the Bull Riders Canada event at the Two Bit Ranch raised over $23,000 for the Ephrom Family who’s currently kicking cancer’s ass.

The Canadian Cowboy Ski Race has now raised over $23,000 in the past two years for the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team.

I’m not sure how much money has been raised through Black Tie Bingo for the Edmonton Rodeo Cowboys Benevolent Fund but it’s for sure in the hundreds of thousands and could be in the millions.

If you haven’t attended one or all of these events to this date I encourage you to look into them for next year. I’m sure you’re already part of an event in support of our community in some way whether it be as a fan, contestant, sponsor or in any other capacity. I’ve got to say I know there are events like this all across our nation and sport and these are the first few that I thought of and or was a part of this year.

This one is for everyone out there in support of the western way of life.

Long Live Cowboys.


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Everything Cowboy Biggest Moments of 2014 brought to you by 3D Bull Riding Inc.

9. Support from the Community

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