#6 – Schiffner Speaks Out

24 December 2015

By Ted Stovin

In professional sports, most athletes are guaranteed a salary whether they play or not, even if injured. In rodeo this is not the case, if you don’t get on your bull or compete, you can’t win money and don’t get paid.

At this year’s Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton, Alta., two-time Canadian Champion and two-time Calgary Stampede Champion, Scott Schiffner spoke out about this fact.

The Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team highly recommended that Scott not get on his bull on Sunday after he sustained a concussion the day before. In the video below, Schiffner explains why this is an issue as the Sports Medicine Team could only make a recommendation, they didn’t have the final say, he did.

With brain injuries, this is not a safe call as a person having suffered head trauma often isn’t in the right place to make an educated decision for their well-being. In any other professional sport, a call like this wouldn’t be up to the player or contestant. Protocols are in place for the safety.

What Schiffner said in Edmonton is that this needs to change and support is needed from all levels to induce change.

Here’s to making it happen in 2016.

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#6 – Schiffner Speaks Out

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2 Responses

  1. Tom Reardon

    So Scott Schiffner says the CPRA should pay him to turn-out.
    Is this the same Scott Schiffner that attends PBR events which are in direct competition with CPRA rodeo?
    Is this the same Scott Schiffner who a few years ago when he was on the CPRA board of directors stood up in a meeting at Edmonton and told eleven CPRA committees that he didn’t want them in the circuit because they didn’t offer enough prize money? Ironically, he lowered his standards the following year and entered McCord (the smallest of them all) because he needed the money to make the CFR.
    Just curious,

    Tom Reardon

    1. Tom,

      I’ve had enough of your negative comments on my website.

      Feel free to either never come back or refrain from ignorant comments like this.

      For your information, Scott Schiffner has done more for rodeo in his lifetime than you obviously can comprehend.


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