#6 – Cranked by and Camped on

23 December 2015

By Ted Stovin

This year was an unusual one for wrecks that were out of the ordinary. One of these is kind of normal and the other isn’t so normal. These ones are pretty tame compared to some of what went down this year though as you’ll see further up in the countdown.

The first one today is something bulls often do, and that’s run over fallen bull riders. This one seemed to not ever end in Wanham, Alta., in the mud.

For Brady Oleson, he did come back in November to the PBR Canadian Finals and win the whole deal for more than $10,000.

Bull fighter Ty Prescott is on the other end of this entry with an unusual wreck which happened at the Brad Phipps Memorial PBR in Lashburn, Sask., this past August.

This pair of wrecks checks in at number six on the countdown. A number of wrecks didn’t even make the cut for the countdown. Stay tuned for an extra post with some of those in the near future.

Worst Wrecks

#6 – Cranked by and Camped on

#7 – Lights out for Lawrence

#8 – She Gone

#9 – A Rough Ride for Skyler McBride

#10 – Marks gets Undressed




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