8 February 2016

By Samantha Stokes – Miss Rodeo Canada 2016

New Year, New Life!

I believe you should never give up on something you can’t go a single day without thinking about. Passion should drive your soul. At 19 years of age, I decided to let passion do just that and it has rewarded me with an experience of a lifetime.

Hello everyone, my name is Samantha Stokes and I was born and raised on a farm thirty minutes north of High Prairie, Alberta. Receiving the title of Miss Rodeo Canada was one of the neatest things I could have ever done for our little community and a memory I will hold close to my heart forever. It is thanks to the Miss Rodeo Canada program that young girls, such as myself, can dream bigger than anyone thought imaginable and have it come true all in a matter of seconds down in the ring at the Canadian Finals Rodeo.

I’ve been working at fulfilling my dream of becoming Miss Rodeo Canada for many years and to hear my name called on the night of the crowning made my knees weak and heart beat more than it ever has before. Since the crowning at the Canadian Finals Rodeo my life has been a whirlwind and I’ve loved every minute of it.

My first event in 2016 was the Denver Market and Stock Show in January! Hitting the Ground running is right! My flight arrived in Denver at 6:30 pm and I was scheduled for Grande Entry at 7:30! We made it through baggage claims; got ourselves a rental car and we were off! This busy schedule didn’t stop there, bright and early the next morning we attempted to navigate our way through the Denver WESA Market.

The Rodeo was an amazing facility with a huge crowd! I loved their energy and I was so honoured to be there on Canada night. They actually named Miss Rodeo Canada as a horary guest and I rode in on the stage coach and waved while they read my bio to the crowd. I also proudly carried the Canadian Flag as our beloved anthem played.

Next I am off to Florida to embrace some warmer weather than minus 25! Wish me luck!


God Bless,

Samantha Stokes
Miss Rodeo Canada




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