Wacey’s Picks – Prince Albert Day 2

PRINCE ALBERT, Saskatchewan – With night one of action behind us and a number of new bull riders in the draw Friday night is shaping up to be a heater!

With the likes of Jared Parsonage, Zane Lambert, and Aaron Roy in the draw we can expect a big night of bull riding with some huge scores!

The action gets going at 7pm with tickets starting at $35.

Full Day Sheet: http://bit.ly/2HOfvIv

Here is a look at some of my picks for tonight:

Wacey Finkbeiner vs. 414 Strong Arm

The champ hasn’t had a great start to the season thus far on the PBR Canada side of things. He has yet to put up a score at any event but I wouldn’t count on that lasting too much longer. Especially heading into the big summer run, a guy like Wace tends to heat up, as the schedule gets busier. He has drawn a bull from Nansen Vold called Strong Arm, this is a cool little bull that will fit Wacey’s program perfectly.

Todd Chotowetz vs. 410 Playing Chicken

Todd finds himself seventeenth in the PBR Canada National Standings heading into tonight’s action and he will be looking to jump up a few places before the night is over. Hot Toddy couldn’t of hand picked a better bull to get on here, Playing Chicken again form the Vold company is a nice spinner that is going to crank it back right into Todds hand. I am going to give the advantage to the man from Major, SK.

Dakota Louis vs. 59 Homeboy

Dakota could be considered one of the veterans in the PBR world these days, he’s a guy who has been around for a while and is always a threat to win and event. Tonight is no exception, Homeboy is a veteran bull from the Skori family that we have seen a lot of over the last few years. This is a great matchup for Dakota and he should have no trouble making 8 on this bull.



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