Our rodeo heritage is under attack.

In a world where people are urged to celebrate the cultural differences and diversity that has shaped our great nation and to recognize the contributions and traditions of vast groups in its formation, a small group is now lobbying to deny those of us our right to practice and showcase such traditions based on fallacy and their non acceptance of our heritage.

These individuals are working to denounce our right to celebrate the practice of rodeo, to ignore the cultural significance that it has had on our nation, and to cease the traditions we have held so significant to our way of life.

Rodeo has long showcased the traditions, culture and heritage that grew out of the cattle industry in North America and the role that our forefathers, quality horses, and cattle played in the agricultural development of North America. Its roots reach as far back as the sixteenth century. Western settlers and Eastern immigration played a key role in the origin of rodeo.

Following massive amounts of immigration and the increasing population to the North American East Coast between 1861-1865, a food source was required and necessary. The abundance of wild cattle in the Southwest provided the solution to the East, and the era of the cattle drives, large ranches, and range cowboys began. As men moved cattle from west to east, the skills of the range cowboy, the necessity for top quality livestock, and the reliance of a nation working together from coast to coast, led to celebrations and competitive contests known as rodeo.

With its roots deeply embedded in North American history, rodeo has continued to evolve, and so has its traditions of showcasing quality livestock and the skills required by the ranching community. To those throughout the world, rodeo is a symbolic reminder of how our people worked together to grow into such a diverse nation.

This current attack comes from the Province of Quebec in Canada. It is not the only one worldwide and it will not be the last.

Fans, friends and family of the global rodeo community are urged to sign, share and gather support for this petition so that we can show the world who is on our side. This is not a petition to save a single rodeo; this is a petition to show those who are opposed that rodeo is a part of our vast culture and history. Stand up for your beliefs and heritage by adding your name to the list below.



If the following form does not work for your technology please find the direct link HERE.

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