WANHAM, Alberta — In the past three weeks the PBR in Canada has had Monster Tour events in Québec City and Ottawa along with Touring Pro Division events in Moose Jaw and Swift Current, SK.

This week, Calgary has a TPD event on Wednesday, another at the Plowing Match in Wanham on Friday. Next week it’s the Ponoka PBR and concert and the last Monster Tour stop of the first half in Toronto, ON.

Between those four events, a possible of 300 points are available to be won. Not bad for an 11 day stretch and a couple flights out east.

There is a lot of history in Wanham, which is located an hour north east of Grande Prairie. From the 2012 $20,000 ride on VJV Slash by Kyle Lozier to last year’s $10,000 check that went to Josh Birks. The sun doesn’t really go down in Wanham as this date is usually one of the longest of the year. The action in the arena is similar in the fact that it doesn’t really slow down.

Here is a bit more on a few of the top matchups to watch for on Friday.

Cody Coverchuk vs. 234 Arnie – Ridden four times in seven recorded outs, Arnie is one of the picks of the pen. He’s even got a cool name. Scores have ranged from 83.5 points to 85.5 points on the black and white paint bull. These two danced before in a pick for me that went bad where Arnie won in Manor, SK. I don’t see that happening again though on Friday.

Wacey Finkbeiner vs. 292 White Knuckles – I looked up this bull and saw he’s been ridden twice in four recorded outs. I saw the video of Jared Parsonage taming him in Saskatoon last year for 84 points. A white horned bovine athlete, White Knuckles spun left with Parsonage and looked pretty smooth. Wacey is currently 24th in the PBR Canada National Standings but I expect him to make a big move over the next ten days.

Justin Lloyd vs. +212 Mish Mash – These two matched up in the final round in Swift Current at the end of May. Since then, Lloyd finished second in Ottawa and ranks as the third best Canadian on the planet right now. Mish Mash has been ridden once in seven outs. A little red bull that goes left in the gate, Mish Mash could take Lloyd inside the high 80’s, top ten in Canada and possibly put him on Team Canada come November in Edmonton.

Zane Lambert vs. 225 Nifty – I had to call Nansen Vold about this bull since I didn’t know him. I found out he’s a four year old and not very big. Nifty is a down horned bull that grew up near Grande Prairie, which is close to Wanham for those of you who didn’t know that already. Lambert got on four bulls in Ottawa and had five outs thanks to a re-ride in the finals. I see Lambert being nearing the top of his game right now which comes in handy this time of year. If I was going to pick right now for our 2017 PBR Canada Champion it would be this guy. Nifty doesn’t have a chance.

Tanner Byrne vs. 792 Big John – Josh Berezay from Two Bit Bucking Bulls informed me that Big John is a bull he bought half interest in with Kody Kropius. Berezay said that he didn’t think this bull had been ridden yet. That is likely to change on Friday being drawn up against the wolf that is Tanner Byrne. Byrne has been out of competition for all but about three bull rides in 2017. He has injury exemption events to get back to the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series but why would he wait when he can catch up to everyone this summer?

Z99 Apollo’s Gold – $2,500 Nufarm Bounty Bull – At the end of the night, Wanham has a bounty bull. Last year, Josh Birks rode Quag’s Back for the $10,000. This year the Bounty has been reset but Apollo’s Gold has been ridden twice in six recorded outs. With this being the third bull of the night, chances are the ride goes to the bull but we’ve seen some cool stuff happen in Wanham before.

The following is the draw for Round 1 of the Wanham PBR Extravaganza on June 16th starting at 7:30pm.

# Rider Name Bull Name SC Brand Del
1 Cameron Brown Mystery Soldier WHBK 099 L
2 Cody Coverchuk Arnie HOGS 234 L
3 Wacey Finkbeiner White Knuckles HOGS 292 L
4 Jordan Hansen Dog Gonett HOGS 222 R
5 Jake Gardner Double Major HOGS 2 R
6 Jackson Scott Marshals Law HOGS 209 R
7 Jared Parsonage Whiplash HOGS 13 L
8 Tyler Pankewitz J-Rip 2BIT 477 L
9 Todd Chotowetz Myth Boy HOGS 295 R
10 Itelo Aguilar Goncalves Platinum’s Back 2BIY A14 R
11 Ivan Garcia Padilla Happy Camper 2BIT 465 L
12 Justin Lloyd  [1] Boogie Woogie 2BIT 659 L
13 Cooper Zur Meat Wallet 2BIT 495 L
14 Mitchell Loudon Heaven’s Basement VR/P 008 R
15 Callum Miller All Access VR/P 366 R
16 Rosendo Ramirez All Gold Everything VR/P 295 L
17 Justin Lloyd  [2] Mish Mash VR/P +212 L
18 Edgar Durazo Cross Check VR/P 397 L
19 Ivan Jimenez Live Like Ty VR/P 225 L
20 Francisco Morales Over Cooked VR/P 108 R
21 Juan Carlos Contreras Daph’s Pick VR/P 300 L
22 Brock Radford Wish Right Now VR/P 319 L
23 Marcos Antonio da Gloria Crooked Nose VR/P 020 R
24 Cole Young Jersey Dip VR/P 221 R
25 Hector Cardona Mr. Legit VR/P 266 R
26 Zane Lambert Nifty VR/P 225 L
27 Tanner Byrne Big John 2BIT/KRP 792 L
28 Chase Thielen Hookasaurus HOGS 21 R
29 Jake Wilson Shot of Whiskey 2BIT 185 R


# Rider Name Bull Name SC Brand Del
30 Blow Me Away VR/P 174 L
31 Tykro Checkered Flag HOGS 293 L
32 Johnny Ringo VR/RG 105 L
33 Venom VR/P +127 R
34 Herf 2B/M 19 R
35 Biohazard VR/P 21 L
36 Corona Time VR/P -206 L
37 Pozzy Time HOGS 166 L
38 Sheep Creek VR/P 035 R
39 Tykro Liquid Fire HOGS 005 R


Nufarm Bounty Bull

40 Apollo’s Gold VR/P Z99 L



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