CALGARY, Alberta — Knock out’s are scary. Not as much for the guy that’s knocked out since they don’t know what happened until afterwards usually. But watching them is terrifying.

This wreck with Garrett Green at the Global Petroleum Show PBR in June this year looked horrendous and was rough on Green.

There is still a lot we don’t know about head injuries in our sport and it’s something I would personally like to see change. I think our Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team should have the say and be able to take contestants out of competition if deemed unworthy to compete due to a previous head injury. That’s something I am working on further in 2017.

Back to Calgary, this wreck happened to Brett Monea saving Ty Pozzobon after he was gathering up his chickens the same night Green was knocked out. Monea broke his leg but made it back at the end of August for Armstrong, another PBR Canada Finals in October and the CFR in November.

Monea is a testament to hard work paying off for a guy getting back into the arena. I don’t know anyone that does as much physically to improve himself as Brett does.

These pair of wrecks from one night in Cowtown are number four on the list for 2016.

Biggest Moments of 2016

5. Scott Byrne named 2016 Cowboy of the Year

6. Thurston claims back to back Stampede titles

7. Hansen returns to win Canadian Championship

8. Edmonton to host million-dollar PBR

9. Canadian Cowboy Ski Race passes $50,000 mark

10. CFR 44 and 45 to remain in Edmonton

Worst Wrecks of 2016

4. KO’d in Cowtown

5. He’s hung up!

6. Doubling Down in Innisfail

7. Team Ropers wreck too

8. Hordern gets hooked in Manor

9. Hofer gets stomped by Mick’s Mouse

10. Hank gets hooked by the escalator


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