The Last Call from the 2012 CCA Finals

Calgary, AB: I’ve started to make a habit of writing a small wrap up each week I go somewhere and have not much for news to talk about once it’s done. This Last Call would be that wrap up. Chad Pighin came up with the name “Last Call” if I remember right.

I just got home tonight from the Canadian Cowboys Association Finals which took place during the Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, SK. The Finals got started on Tuesday Night in front of a couple thousand people. It was a very professional event and I was very impressed in it’s over production on Friday and Saturday. Their opening video was awesome too. I’d like to know who put that together and have it online.

As my first time to any CCA Rodeo, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d heard great things from many people and was glad to be a part of it working for them directly, posting messages to the Facebook and Twitter pages while also uploading videos to their YouTube Channel for distribution on their website as well as here.

Their website stats were up a bunch while mine were only a hundred visits behind what they were during the first day of the Canadian Finals Rodeo. They tapered off very slightly to my surprise but were still very good. There have been almost 12,000 visits to the site here in November so far. Up quite a bit from the total of a 4,800 last November.

YouTube’s numbers are the real big ones. On the CCA YouTube Channel, about 50 videos were uploaded totalling up nearly 11,000 views already in just six days. On the Everything Cowboy YouTube Channel, there have been over 46,000 views on all the uploaded videos. It says in the YouTube Analytics too that in those 46,000 views the videos had been watched for an estimated 33,742 minutes which is equal to about 23 days and 10 hours of watching. It sure seems like a lot to me! Thank you again to you all for making it happen.

It’s been a great month though working all these finals events. I’ve got to thinking more about 2013 since there aren’t many events left this year. If you’d like your event covered next year on Everything Cowboy or you’d like additional PR and Social Media Marketing, please contact me, Ted Stovin so we can further discuss what can be done.

Thanks to my ride home today too in CCA Finals Champion Saddle Bronc Rider Jake Brown and his Dad, Mel. You might have seen their video “Fat Girls” a while back. Mel’s CD will be available for sale here if you’d like to get yourself a copy.

Jake had a great weekend but a story not many people might know is that he was pretty close to not quite making these very finals. With one event left to go in the 2012 CCA Season, Jake was behind the 12th spot by about $200. He and Mel drove 1300kms one way out to Manitoba for the last one where he ended up winning second place and getting that last $200 to get there.

That one drive ended up being worth a lot more than they first thought. Driving home with the new championship saddle and buckle must have been quite rewarding.

Congratulations once again to all of this year’s Champions! I look forward to working more with the CCA and all of the great people involved. Thank you to everyone there in Regina for making me feel at home. It was a great week.

See you all next year for sure!




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