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This is a new section to spotlight and promote the sponsors here of Everything Cowboy. For those of you wondering about BuyABarrelHorse.com please read this story written by the site owner and manager, Kelley Byrne. Thank you Kelley and Thank You Everyone for taking the time to support out partners!

By Kelley Byrne

Prince Albert, AB: I started this website in 2011 because, my passion for winning is paired with helping others to learn what I have experienced, to enjoy what they love.  I cannot believe how inspiring it is for me to watch someone join into a partnership with a new horse and excel together.  Its not just a “for sale” site, this is a site that brings buyers and sellers together, the seller puts their horse in my “hands”,  I build the ad, promote the horse and find a buyer, once I feel the buyer and the horse owner are ready to meet, I put them together.

The sport of barrel racing is more competitive than ever before. From the barrel racer who enjoys local competition to the one hauling at a national or international level to qualify for a professional finals, the search for the right horse can be time consuming, confusing and costly.
Buyabarrelhorse.com puts buyers and barrel horses together. I enjoy sitting down with buyers to understand clearly, what type of horses they are seeking.   I then utilize my experience, expertise and connections to find the right horse.

The horse market is like any other market. It’s based on comparatives and comparables. When you are marketing your home, how do you determine its worth? You get comparisons to homes with similar features in similar locations. It’s the same with horses. You have to study the market and determine what is FAIR MARKET VALUE for your horse. Next, you decide how badly you want or need to sell. Then you set your priced based on these two factors. Well, that’s how I do it anyway.

For the buyers out there… make sure you aren’t ruling out a nice horse that is priced low, based on an assumption that ‘there must be something wrong with it’. Prices are sometimes based on a buyers NEED to sell and not the fair market value of the horse.

Because there are SO many horses on the market, buyers can be very selective. Buyers know what they want and they expect to be able to find a horse at a good price. The horses that seem to be selling are those that stand out. That is, they either have a specific bloodline, or a certain characteristic that the buyer is looking for, or a statistics list (win record) that meets the buyers criteria. But the horse also has to be priced right. Buyers can usually find several horses that meet their criteria; then they can make their choice based on the best price.

Check out our Sale Horses and new Classified Ad section.   If you don’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. We’ll do our very best to find the right barrel horse for you whether its listed on the site or not.


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