Roger Moore Takes Home the Battle of the Rockies Championship

It was a big day in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta as the 2022 Battle of the Rockies wrapped up Sunday afternoon. There was a lot on the line on day 4 as the 2022 Battle of the Rockies Championship would all be determined, as well it was the last chance for the drivers to try and make the top twelve in the World Standings for a spot in the playoff round for a chance at the big money at the season ending Century Downs and Casino World Finals which starts Wednesday night.

In the chase for the Battle of the Rockies championship it was Roger Moore, driving the Optimum Equipment Solutions outfit, and outriders Brendan Nolin and Rory Gervais, emerged as champions of the 2022 Battle of the Rockies after posting the best 4-day aggregate time of 5:08.23. That put him 1.54 second in front of runner-up Layne MacGillivray, followed closely by Dean Dreger. Obrey Motowylo was fourth overall and Wade Salmond completed the top five overall. It’s the first show win for Roger Moore whose last wins came at the Ponoka Stampede and the Colonial Day Fair back in 2013.

On the day, Codey McCurrach and his TOMCO Group of Companies Ltd. outfit. were the day money winners by a large 1.46 second margin after posting a run of 1:16:49, from barrel number 4 in the sixth heat. Obrey Motowylo was second, with Kris Molle, Layne MacGillivray, and Vern nolin rounding out the top five on the afternoon.

The twelve drivers who have now officially qualified for the Century Downs Winner’s Zone Playoff Round include Layne MacGillivray, Obrey Motowylo, Kurt Bensmiller, Rae Croteau Jr., Kris Molle, Kirk Sutherland, Chad Fike, Jason Glass, Vern Nolin, Doug Irvine, Chanse Vigen and Ross Knight. Jordie Fike ended up in the crying hole, just 43.5 points behind Jordie Fike.

These 12 drivers have now qualified for the 4-day playoff round at Century Downs.   The top 4 drivers with the most playoff points will advance to the CENTURY DOWNS WINNERS’ ZONE Year End Championship Dash. $75,000.00 will be awarded in the final race. The World Champion Chuckwagon Driver will be declared on Saturday night as the driver who accumulated the most number of points over the course of the season.

The 2022 WPCA Pro Tour will move to Century Downs Racetrack and Casino just outside of Calgary, Alberta for the season ending Century Downs Word Finals starting on Wednesday, August 24, 2022 and running through to Sunday, August 28, 2022. Live radio coverage of the Century Downs Word Finals can be heard Wednesday through Saturday on Real Country 910, or seen on the Cowboy Channel + Streaming  App, starting at 8:30pm Eastern, 7:30pm Central and 6:30pm Mountain Time, with Sundays final starting at 4:00pm Eastern, 3:00pm Central and 2:00pm Mountain Time.

Billy Melville

2022 Battle of the Rockies Champions
Optimum Equipment Solutions
Roger Moore – Driver
Rory Gervais & Brendan Nolin – Outriders
Day 4 Results 
RankDriverSponsorTotal Time
1Codey McCurrachTOMCO Group of Companies 1:16.49
2Obrey MotowyloTopline Oilfield Hauling Ltd.1:17.95
3Kris MolleHayshakers Bobcat Svc Ltd.1:18.26
4Layne MacGillivrayRocky Hydraulic & Bearing/ GT Hydraulic & Bearing1:18.66
5Vern NolinMcCaw’s Drilling & Blasting Ltd.1:18.69
6Mitch SutherlandEdwards Garage1:18.70
7Ross KnightKoda Transport Ltd.1:19.08
8Kurt BensmillerVersatile Energy Services Ltd.1:19.16
9Chance FladAspen Crossing1:19.18
10Darcy FladBrammal Oilfield Hauling Ltd1:19.19
11Doug IrvineB&R Eckel’s Transport Ltd.1:19.34
12Roger MooreOptimum Equipment Solutions1:19.44
12Dustin GorstSims & Associates Insurance Services1:19.58
12Cruise BensmillerCarl Stepp Realtor Remax1:19.68
15Chanse VigenVolker Stevin/Glover International1:19.70
16Wade SalmondPidherny’s Inc1:19.76
17Kirk Sutherland (Wagon #2)Daler Pressure Services Ltd./Hodge Pressure Services Ltd.1:19.77
18Evan MageeWestern RV Country1:19.87
19Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy Ltd.1:19.91
20Troy FladMr. Fireplace1:20.15
21Dean DregerCOR-EX Oilfield Services Inc. – Horizontal Directional Drilling 1:20.18
22Chance BensmillerPinnacle Pickers1:20.29
23Chad FikeO’Chiese Rocky Mountain Tour 1:20.55
24Troy DorchesterEldorado Pressure Services Ltd.1:20.57
25Jordie FikeXACT Pressure Services1:20.62
26Evan SalmondChalland Pipeline Ltd.1:20.86
26Chance ThomsonNelson Bros Oilfield Services1:20.95
28Kirk SutherlandMorskate Manufacturing Ltd.1:20.95
29Wade Salmond(Wagon #2)Clearwater Oilfield Services Ltd. 1:21.15
30Chad HardenMr. Fireplace1:21.31
31Derek AeblyJag Flocomponents LLP1:21.45
32Gage FladRoyal LePage Tamarack Trail Realty1:21.83
33Kelly MorinMud Creek Medics Ltd.1:22.11
34Jamie TomVast Energy Services1:22.12
35Josh HrynykHenry’s Western Wear & Saddlery1:23.02
36Tuff DregerPomeroy Lodging1:24.19
37Roy RomanowBattle of the Rockies1:24.44
38Rae Croteau Jr.TeKh Group Inc.1:24.46
39Layne FladTerrafirma Resources1:25.70
40Dayton SutherlandDouble H Machine Shop Ltd.1:36.55
* Wagon Driven By Troy Flad
4 Day Aggregate Standings
RankDriverSponsor4 Day Total
1Roger MooreOptimum Equipment Solutions5:08.23
2Layne MacGillivrayRocky Hydraulic & Bearing/ GT Hydraulic & Bearing5:09.77
3Dean DregerCOR-EX Oilfield Services Inc. – Horizontal Directional Drilling 5:10.11
4Obrey MotowyloTopline Oilfield Hauling Ltd.5:10.27
5Wade SalmondPidherny’s Inc5:10.46
6Kurt BensmillerVersatile Energy Services Ltd.5:11.65
7Chad FikeO’Chiese Rocky Mountain Tour 5:11.87
8Vern NolinMcCaw’s Drilling & Blasting Ltd.5:13.13
9Chance FladAspen Crossing5:13.21
10Ross KnightKoda Transport Ltd.5:13.57
11Troy FladMr. Fireplace5:14.67
12Jordie FikeXACT Pressure Services5:14.82
13Rae Croteau Jr.TeKh Group Inc.5:15.23
14Kirk SutherlandMorskate Manufacturing Ltd.5:15.33
15Chad HardenMr. Fireplace5:15.42
16Chanse VigenVolker Stevin/Glover International5:15.46
17Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy Ltd.5:15.52
18Kris MolleHayshakers Bobcat Svc Ltd.5:16.54
19Troy DorchesterEldorado Pressure Services Ltd.5:16.95
20Kirk Sutherland (Wagon #2)Daler Pressure Services Ltd./Hodge Pressure Services Ltd.5:17.12
21Doug IrvineB&R Eckel’s Transport Ltd.5:17.42
22Cruise BensmillerCarl Stepp Realtor Remax5:17.52
23Dustin GorstSims & Associates Insurance Services5:17.65
24Darcy FladBrammal Oilfield Hauling Ltd5:18.82
25Wade Salmond(Wagon #2)Clearwater Oilfield Services Ltd. 5:19.31
26Mitch SutherlandEdwards Garage5:20.20
27Josh HrynykHenry’s Western Wear & Saddlery5:20.52
28Layne FladTerrafirma Resources5:21.04
29Codey McCurrachTOMCO Group of Companies 5:21.48
30Kelly MorinMud Creek Medics Ltd.5:22.71
31Derek AeblyJag Flocomponents LLP5:22.76
32Chance ThomsonNelson Bros Oilfield Services5:23.53
33Evan MageeWestern RV Country5:23.87
34Chance BensmillerPinnacle Pickers5:24.95
35Evan SalmondChalland Pipeline Ltd.5:27.97
36Tuff DregerPomeroy Lodging5:30.43
37Roy RomanowBattle of the Rockies5:30.91
38Gage FladRoyal LePage Tamarack Trail Realty5:34.99
39Dayton SutherlandDouble H Machine Shop Ltd.5:44.34
40Jamie TomVast Energy Services



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