Hell on Hooves Episode 2: Innisfail

Episode #2 of Season of Hell on Hooves is airing tonight on RAD-X at 6:00pm and 9:00 pm MST. The location this week is at the Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo in Innisfail, AB. This week’s episode also takes you inside a Cowboy Wedding!

Thank you to Juxtapose Productions for allowing me to put their video up here on EverythingCowboy.ca. I hope everyone is able to check out tonight’s episode. It starts 4 hours from when this post is published!

Here is a sneak peak into tonight’s episode:

I never heard anything back from anyone last week on what they thought of the episode in Grande Prairie, AB. It sure was a good one and I’m excied for tonight. I’d sure like to hear from you all after tonight’s episode in Innisfail!



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