Growth in Canadian College Rodeo

Calgary, AB: This as a copy of a post from the Canadian Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (CIRA) on Facebook from earlier today. I’ve been a member of this association and actually acted as last year’s President for a few months to help out. I’d probably be back again but I’m not in school at the moment and might not end up going back.

It sure is good news to see this amount of growth in Canadian College Rodeo. I hope it keeps getting bigger and better and helps grow the sport of rodeo in the youth here on further.

CIRA – College Rodeo: The future of rodeo is bright. To date we are at 150 members with more memberships coming in daily. In 9 years of college rodeo that’s the largest this association has ever been. There are 140 contestants entered in Olds. Again the largest rodeo in a 9 year history.
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