Armstong, BC: Going into the last month of competition for Pro Rodeo in Canada, the final spots are being decided with who will be making their way to the Canadian Finals Rodeo come November.

This is what the bull riding looks like as of the August 29th standings.

Steve Turner has yet to compete in Armstrong at the Canadian Rodeo Tour Finals. Ty Elliot and Tanner Girletz competed last night.

What’s important about this weekend is a person could potentially win about $8,000 if they won everything on the weekend. That would move you from way down the ladder to being right in the mix of things. Armstrong alone could end up being a $5,744 payday.

Girletz went first and was in a similar situation last year competing against one of his best friends in Jason Finkbeiner. This year it’s another one of his greatest friends in Ty Elliot. The main voice you hear encouraging Tanner is Ty.


It’s always a win when anyone stays on a bull. When your friend does it even if it means you don’t win as much, it’s still a win. As a bull rider, you don’t compete against a person as much as you compete against the animal. There aren’t any other sports out there besides rodeo or bull riding in my opinion.

With the standings as they are too, it’s looking like only one of the three listed in the above image will get to go to Edmonton. Too bad everyone couldn’t go.

Ty was next and has been battling a torn groin. Most people could probably hardly walk in the same position. Similar to when Tanner was riding, Ty’s main encouragement came from Girletz as well as his Dad, Vern who was spotting him.


Even though Ty may not have made the whistle last night on the Outlawbuckers’ Bull, he’s not far away from 12th place and got a few rodeos left to get to where he wants to go.

For those of you still learning of our sport, hopefully this helps you understand it a bit more.



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