2012 FCA Cowboy Classic Finals Champions

Red Deer, AB: Congratulations to the 2012 Foothills Cowboys Association Cowboy Classic Finals Champions! October 7th, 2012.

The fourth and final performance of the FCA Cowboy Classic Finals wrapped up this afternoon here in the Stockman’s Pavilion of Westerner Park. The crowd may have been a bit under the weather from last night’s festivities at Billy Bob’s in the Sheraton Hotel Red Deer, however it still made for a great Championship Sunday of rodeo.

Over $96,000 in checks are being printed out right now to pay out to the contestants. $4,000 is the maximum someone in a open event could win over the weekend on paper however like today in the bull riding, or yesterday in the team roping, some will sneak out with a bunch more from the $2,500 go round checks including all the ground money.

Tonight the winners will receive their brand new Montana Silversmiths Trophy Buckles and their trophy saddles, some for the first time, some for second, third time or even more.

These are those cowboys and cowgirls that have earned those awards!


Bareback Riding Champion: Dylan Bilton

Today’s round winner Cole Jamison with his 76 point effort on the Richards’ Horse Sunday Stepper.

  1. Cole Jamiseon, 76 on Richards’ 504 Sunday Stepper $1,000
  2. Justin Meyers, 74.5. $750
  3. Dylan Bilton, 74. $500
  4. Ryan Patterson, 68. $250


Tie Down Roping Champion: Mace Perozak

Today’s round winner James Gunsch with his 7.9 second run.

  1. James Gunsch, 7.9 seconds. $1,000
  2. Mace perozak, 8.9 seconds. $750
  3. Kirk Robinson, 9.0 seconds. $500
  4. Justin Heggie, 11.2 seconds. $250


Novice Horse Riding Champion: Riley Wik


  1. Riley Wik. 62.5 on Richards’ 537 Celtic Thunder. $400
  2. No other qualified rides


Junior Steer Riding Champion: Cooper Zur

  1. Cooper Zur, 77.5. $400
  2. Cameron Brown, 73.5. $300
  3. No other qualified rides


Steer Wresting Champion: Brendan Laye

Today’s round winner Rudy Neiborg with his 3.7 second run which was the fastest of all the weekend.

  1. Rudy Neiborg, 3.7 seconds. $1,000
  2. Troy Pollit, 4.1 seconds. $750
  3. Brendan Laye, 4.9 seconds. $500
  4. Otys Little-Mustache & Matthew Mailer, 5.1 seconds. $125 each


Junior Bull Riding Champion: Lonnie West

  1. Lonnie West, 75 on Carlier’s 8-8. $400
  2. Sean Clark, 69.5. $300
  3. Austin Nash, 69. $200


Ladies Barrel Racing Champion: Brook Robertson

Today’s round winner Bobbie Goodwin with her 13.468 second run for the big check.

  1. Bobbie Goodwin, 13.468 seconds. $1,000
  2. Mona Boe, 13.558 seconds. $750
  3. Brook Robertson, 13.619 seconds. $500
  4. Kaylenn Maddox, 13.620 seconds. $250


Junior Barrel Racing Champion: Kelby Terry

Today’s round winner Kennedy Smith with her 13.627 second run

  1. Kennedy Smith, 13.627 seconds. $400
  2. Rayna Longeway, 13.660 seconds. $300
  3. Kipty Terry, 13.689 seconds. $200
  4. Kelby Terry, 13.764 seconds. $100


Saddle Bronc Riding Champion: Mark O’Dempsey

  1. Mark O’Dempsey, 81.5 on Duffys 21 Rip N’ Zip. $1,000
  2. Beau Waters, 71.5. $750
  3. No other qualified rides


Team Roping Champions: Logan & Keely Bonnett

Today’s round winners Grady & Jeff Quam with a 5.8 second run.

  1. Grady & Jeff Quam, 5.8 seconds. $1,000
  2. Logan & Keely Bonnett, 7.8 seconds. $750
  3. Tel Flewelling & Tyrel Gordon, 9.3 seconds. $500
  4. Shelby Foster & Jenner Meston, 9.5 seconds. $250


Bull Riding Champion: Adam Jamison

  1. Adam Jamison 87 on Pengelly’s 411 Tree Toad. $1,000
  2. No other qualified rides.


All Around Champion: Brendan Laye

Look for interviews with FCA President Dave Clark & All Around Champion Brendan Laye later on this evening or first thing tomorrow.

From the FCA Finals, thanks to everyone for making it such a great event. It’s quite the rodeo run by no one else but Don Johansen and his crew along with everyone with the FCA. Chris Koening and I were just talking here in the office as well and he figured this very finals may be the oldest running finals rodeo in all of Canada. Starting in 1955, it’s likely to be just that.

If you’ve got an opinion or know of a finals rodeo in Canada that’s been running longer, let me know because I’d sure be interested to hear it.

Once again, the FCA would like to thank their generous sponsors for making their association as great as it is.



Thank you as well to the FCA as well for having me. I appreciate you bringing me into being a part of such a great event for the first time since being a contestant. I hope to be a part of it for many years to come.

Congratulations again to all of this year’s champions!

Ted Stovin



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