Photo of bareback champion, Jesse Pope

MARCH 19, 2022 — The RODEOHOUSTON® Super Series Championship was one for the books as spectacular rides and blazing fast runs decided who came out on top as the champions with the $50,000 payout


John Douch was a man on fire throughout RODEOHOUSTON, winning Super Series I and the 2022 RODEOHOUSTON Tie-Down Roping Champion.

“This has been a dream come true,” said Douch. “Just to win first means so much to me.”

Final Four Winners (total RODEOHOUSTON 2022 winnings):

John Douch: Huntsville, Texas — $57,250

Tyler Milligan: Bartlesville, Oklahoma — $27,750

Tuf Cooper: Decatur, Texas — $15,500

Zack Jongbloed: Iowa, Louisiana — $11,500


With a big ride for 89 points, Jesse Pope, came out on top in a tough four-man battle for the RODEOHOUSTON Championship title.

“This is a bucket-list rodeo,” said Pope. “Moving forward, I just will keep doing my job, one horse at a time.”

Final Four Winners (total RODEOHOUSTON 2022 winnings):

Jesse Pope: Garnett, Kansas — $60,500

Rocker Steiner: Weatherford, Texas — $27,850

RC Landingham: Hat Creek, California — $14,125

Will Lowe: Amarillo, Texas — $11,625


The duo of Clay Tryan and Jake Long roped a 6.4-second run to win the RODEOHOUSTON Championship in the team roping.

“It’s the biggest rodeo we get to go to all year besides the finals,” said Tryan, who also won the RODEOHOUSTON Championship in 2016.

Tryan’s partner, Jake Long said, “Getting that first place spot in the Championship was huge and it let us go last in the shootout.”

Final Four Winners (total RODEOHOUSTON 2022 winnings):

Clay Tryan: Lipan, Texas; and Jake Long: Morgan Mill, Texas — $109,000

Clay Smith: Iowa Park, Texas; and Jade Corkill: Stephenville, Texas — $49,000

Kaleb Driggers: Stephenville, Texas; and Junior Nogueira: Lipan, Texas — $28,500

Curry Kirchner: Ames, Oklahoma; and Austin Rogers: Cresent, Oklahoma — $27,500


Sage Newman made the ride of his life, earning 93 points to win the Saddle Bronc Riding title.

“When I heard the whistle, I knew I had made a good ride,” said Newman.

Final Four Winners (total RODEOHOUSTON 2022 winnings):

Sage Newman: Melstone, Montana — $57,500

Wyatt Casper: Miami, Texas — $25,750

Stetson Wright: Beaver, Utah — $16,500

Dawson Hay: Visalia, California — $9,250


Hunter Cure has been around the sport of rodeo for years. For Cure, winning RODEOHOUSTON has been one of the most memorable experiences of his career as he made a blazing 4 second run. 

“Slipping into the Shootout was not by design,” said Cure. “Coming in to my final ride, I knew I wanted to clean it up,” said Cure.

Final Four Winners (total RODEOHOUSTON 2022 winnings):

Hunter Cure: Holliday, Texas — $57,000

Tanner Brunner: Ramona, Kansas — $28,000

Timmy Sparing: Helena, Montana — $16,000

Jacob Talley: Keatchie, Louisiana — $10,500


World Champion Jordan Briggs kept the ball rolling in Houston by racing her way to a RODEOHOUSTON Championship.

When referring to her amazing horse Rollo, Briggs said, “The more runs he makes, the better he gets.”

Final Four Winners (total RODEOHOUSTON 2022 winnings):

Jordan Briggs: Tolar, Texas — $60,000

Kassie Mowry: Dublin, Texas — $30,000

Hailey Kinsel: Cotulla, Texas — $18,000

Nellie Miller: Cottonwood, California — $12,000


The new RODEOHOUSTON event, Breakaway Roping, named its first Champion, Erin Johnson with a 2.7-second run.

“This is super exciting,” said Johnson. “Women like to see women competing.”

Final Four Winners (total RODEOHOUSTON 2022 winnings):

Erin Johnson: Fowler, Colorado — $53,750

Laramie Johnson: Shreveport, Louisiana — $23,000

Amanda Coleman: Stephenville, Texas — $15,000

JJ Hampton, Stephenville, Texas — $10,500


The Wright legacy continues in Houston as Stetson Wright took home the Bull Riding Championship.

“There’s always a lot of nerves, and my dad was always calm, so that’s what I base my career off of,” said Wright.

Final Four Winners (total RODEOHOUSTON 2022 winnings):

Stetson Wright: Beaver, Utah — $57,000

Roscoe Jarboe: New Plymouth, Idaho — $17,583

Josh Frost: Randlett, Utah — $16,833

Jeff Askey: Eustace Texas — $13,833

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Photo Credit: Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

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