Canadians cash in early on in Fort Worth

FORT WORTH — Round one of the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show, also known as the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has already concluded in the tie-down roping and steer wrestling, leaving a couple Canadians in the money.

Matt Mousseau of Dashwood, ON split first in the steer wrestling in round one of Fort Worth with a 3.9 second time worth $5,346. When tallied, the Ontario cowboy should slide inside the PRCA’s top ten in the world steer wrestling standings. Also in the money in the bull-dogging in round one of Fort Worth was Reserve Canadian Champion Dustin Walker, splitting seven for $580 towards the standings.

At this point, Straws Milan sits 17th in the world after a win the first week of January in Odessa, TX.

2013 Canadian Tie-Down Roping Champion and NFR Qualifier Timber Moore cashed a check for third in the first round in Fort Worth. A time of 8.7 earned Moore $4,464 which comes at a good time as he’s not in the top 50 according to at this time.

Bareback rider Orin Larsen of Manitoba sits in the lead of round two and fourth in the aggregate however lots of rodeo still remains. Ty Taypotat and Colin Adams have a third horse to attempt today for a shot at overtaking Larsen’s spot and potentially the lead. Both men also sit high in rounds currently.

In the barrel racing, Deb Guelly is tied for the lead in round one with a time of 16.67 seconds.

Tie-Down Turmoil

There’s been a whole lot of fuss over a said rule change in the PRCA in the tie-down roping. Scott Fischer wrote this article in the Calgary Sun explaining the side of Tuf Cooper with a tweet from Fred Whitfield.

The PRCA released this statement today. 

I don’t know the whole story yet however I have sure seen a lot of negativity. I’m not sure what the said rule change exactly would mean however the following rule has been in effect in the CPRA for at least a couple years now as this was published in the 2013 rulebook.

If a calf is jerked down by the horse with the first jerk of the rope which is used when the calf is caught, the contestant will be disqualified. A jerk down means that a calf is jerked over backwards between ten (10) and two (2) on a standard clock or between thirty (30) and one hundred and fifty (150) degrees. At a rodeo with three (3) or more judges, one (1) judge other than the flagman will call the jerk down rule. At a two (2) judge rodeo, the flagger will call the jerk down.

I’d like to know what the issue is. After reading the statement from the PRCA I don’t think things are as negative as they were first made out to be.

Weigh in with your comments below as I am for sure not an expert on this issue. I’d like to hear both sides of the story while keeping things positive.



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  1. Brooke

    I don’t really understand what the issue is. I’m in California and the California rodeos already have a no jerk down rule in place. A guy got a no time last year at one of the rodeos as a result. Don’t get what the fuss is. They make it seem like it is something completely different they will have to deal with. It clearly isn’t. There are rodeos that have already implemented the no jerk down rule.

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