What’s That Bull for the C’N Stars Invitational in Williston, ND

WILLISTON, North Dakota — Starting at 7:00pm on Friday the 13th of September, PBR action gets underway with Round One of the C’N Stars Invitational. 

I’ve gone over some of the matchups for round two featuring many of the top bulls in North America.

Round One

1 Braden Overson 73 Gold Rush Right C’N Stars
2 Kritter Lamb 321 Misty’s Twister Right C’N Stars
3 Newly Sivertsen 870 Tri-County Right C’N Stars
4 Carrson Hiatt 538 Bakken Oil Left C’N Stars
5 Zac Osborne 815 Firestorm Left C’N Stars
6 Drew Antone 8322 Old Yeller Right C’N Stars
7 Tommy Hodges 800 Groovy Right Mosbrucker Rodeo
8 Tanner Byrne 706 Wrangler Red Left Mosbrucker Rodeo
9 Tony McFarland -8 Salty Bob Right Mosbrucker Rodeo
10 Jake Benson 865 50 Caliber Left Mosbrucker Rodeo
11 Nathan Hofer 711 Up All Night Left C’N Stars
12 Ty Tescher 645 Pink Carnation Left C’N Stars
13 Tell Jacobs 806 Good News Left C’N Stars
14 John Smith 770 Gone Bananas Right C’N Stars
15 Dusty Ephrom 97 You’re a Daisy If You Do Right C’N Stars
16 Matt Triplett 6 50 Shades of Gray Right C’N Stars
17 Zane Lambert 770 Life Sentence Left Arrow K
18 Ryan Prophet 95 High Roller Left Arrow K
19 Abe Dillman 7446 White Lightning Left Arrow K
20 John Jacobs 8118 Stinger Right Arrow K
21 Pat Johnson 502 Lunitic Fringe Right Arrow K
22 Taryl Smith 517 Rossette Redneck Right Arrow K
23 Clint Johnson 28 Cutting Edge Left Arrow K
24 Delvin Lufkins 66 Outhouse Mouse Right Arrow K
25 Cory Albright 809 Pilgrim Slinger Left Arrow K

Round Two

Matt Triplett vs. Moe Banger  

This little white horned bull is sure a good draw for Matt in Round Two. He’s probably going to go to the left right in the gate and then switch it up. My money is on Matt getting himself an 87 or more here and working his way back that much closer to the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series as he’s currently 43rd in the World Standings.


Clint Johnson vs. Bucking Fantastic

Bucking Fantastic is the bull a guy wants to draw every day he’s riding bulls. The little black muley of Josh, Tammy, Nevada and Montana Berezay is their superstar PBR World Finalist in 2012. Clint should be more than happy with this draw and get a score in the high 80’s on him.


Zane Lambert vs. Buck Wild

Zane sits first in the PBR Canadian National Standings with a 1,300 point lead over Zac Peterson. Zac is at the BFTS Event this weekend in Springfield, MO. If Zane can make up another 800 points before the Canadian Finals in a month in Saskatoon, he’s going to be the champ. Zane might end up on tour in the next while too as he sits 37th. Either way, he’s in a good spot. He’s in an even better spot come Friday with this rank red white faced, haltered muley he’s got drawn up in Shane Gunderson’s 73 Buck Wild. Buck Wild is actually the third best bull in the world according to ProBullStats.com next to Bushwacker and Asteroid. Aaron Roy was the last man to stay on him in Sidney, MT back in June.

I see Zane riding this bull for a 92 or more as he stayed on him before at last year’s World Finals.


Dusty Ephrom vs. I’m Your Huckleberry

I have liked this bull about every time I’ve seen him. He’s a good sized paint bull with horns that looks like he’s got some real solid tracks. I’m going with an 87 or more for Ephrom with this matchup.

Zac Peterson just about rode this one in New Town, ND back in April.


Tanner Byrne vs. Mister Meanor

Mister Meanor looks like a perfect draw for Tanner on Friday. With this event counting to both the Canadian and World Standings, it can help him out immensely. He currently sits fifth in Canada and 51st in the World. I’m going with an 86 for Tanner here with it looking similar to this 87 of Matt Triplett’s in Kalispell back in the winter.


1 Zac Osborne 867 Bringing Sexy Back Left 2 Bit Bucking Bulls
2 Matt Triplett 991 Moe Banger Left 2 Bit Bucking Bulls
3 Ty Tescher 804 Devil’s Wing Right 2 Bit Bucking Bulls
4 Clint Johnson 861 Bucking Fantastic Left 2 Bit Bucking Bulls
5 Nathan Hofer 50 Iron Man Left 2 Bit Bucking Bulls
6 Kritter Lamb 415 Mad Max Right C’N Stars
7 John Jacobs 8815 Corkey Right C’N Stars
8 Tony McFarland 8317 Coyote Trap Right C’N Stars
9 Newly Sivertsen 822 Brush Fire Right C’N Stars
10 Cory Albright 89 The Creeper Left C’N Stars
11 Pat Johnson 87 Donorado Left C’N Stars
12 Abe Dillman 522 Poker Face Left Mosbrucker Rodeo
13 Drew Antone 9 Black Diamond Left Mosbrucker Rodeo
14 Delvin Lufkins 511 Grumpy Left Mosbrucker Rodeo
15 Ryan Prophet C6 Double Down Right Mosbrucker Rodeo
16 Zane Lambert 73 Buck Wild Right C’N Stars
17 John Smith 72 Pandemic Right C’N Stars
18 Braden Overson 915 Miss Deal Right C’N Stars
19 Jake Benson 174 Smooth Ciminal Left Arrow K
20 Tell Jacobs 486 The Joker Left Arrow K
21 Tommy Hodges 709 Sod Buster Left Arrow K
22 Carrson Hiatt 559 Little Evil Right Arrow K
23 Dusty Ephrom 75 I’m Your Huckleberry Left Arrow K
24 Tanner Byrne 63 Mister Meaner Right C’N Stars
25 Taryl Smith 69 Sutton’s Pet Right C’N Stars




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