Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — With the PBR Canadian Finals now finished up and quite the travel day today, we’ve made it to Vegas for the PBR World Finals which begin on Wednesday.

Both Zane Lambert and Ty Pozzobon will compete. Zane will ride the first two rounds for sure as the PBR Canada representative with the option of staying in the event if he remains in the top 15. Pozzobon has now qualified for his second World Finals and looks for a more this time around.

There are five Canadian Bulls that will perform and there are a ton of other events that go on this week at the South Point with the ABBI World Finals.

Easily the most exciting part of the week will be the World Title race between JB Mauney and Silvano Alves. I’m hoping for a win from JB. What are your thoughts?

Stay tuned this week as it’s going to be a great one.



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