Tetz Headed Back on Tour for Two PBR Unleash the Beast Events

Photo by Covy Moore/CovyMoore.com

EDMONTON, AB (March 6th, 2023) – After a flawless weekend taking home the championship for the second consecutive year in a row at the PBR Canada Cup event in Lethbridge, Nick Tetz is heading to the big shows. Tetz currently sits second in the PBR Canada National Standings after attending only three events. Now he has received an important phone call inviting him back on tour and he will be competing at two PBR Unleash the Beast events.  This will be Tetz second and third UTB event he has been invited to. The odds have been in his favour and he has been solid since taking home the PBR Canada National title back in November so surely he will be competing at more than the two events. 

The first Unleash the Beast event takes place in Milwaukee, WI on March 11th and 12th. The second event will be the following weekend in New Orleans, LA on March 17th and 18th. Tetz is fired up to compete against some of the best in the world:

“I’m ready to go have some fun, ride some bulls and make it happen. I’m feeling good off my win in Lethbridge, we got the ball rolling and I’m going to let that momentum roll into Milwaukee this weekend. I’m excited to go against the best in the world”,  Tetz said. 

Stay tuned for highlights of the next UTB events and clips of Tetz rides on our social media, Youtube, and website.



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