Ted Stovin Predicts NFL’s Chad Ochocinco to get bucked off Bull at Saturday’s PBR Event in Duluth, Georgia

Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco has got himself into a heap of trouble in his acceptance of the challenge from the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) to ride a bull at this weekend’s Built Ford Tough Series Event in Duluth (Atlanta) GA.

For someone who hasn’t been on a bull before this matchup could go a few different ways.

  1. Ochocinco Gets on one of the Top Bulls in the PBR

-If this is the case then even Chad’s top athletic abilities just won’t be enough to keep him a top the bull. Even the PBR’s top riders have trouble sometimes with these top level bulls. For someone who hasn’t been on one before they would have absolutely no chance. Bulls like Bushwacker and I’m A Gangster would eat him as an appetizer, not even the main course.

Conclusion 1: No chance in making it to 8 seconds and a probable flying dismount including broken bone(s)

  1. Chad is put up against an average PBR Level Bull

-Even with Friday Night’s training from 9 Time World Champion Cowboy Ty Murray it probably won’t be enough to help him stay on. The only way I would see him staying on this level of bull would be if Ty’s teaching made him a bull guru overnight. There is so much to bull riding though I just don’t see this happening.

Conclusion 2: Ochocinco possibly stays on this one past the end of the chute gate but very unlikely makes it to the 8 second mark. Possible flying dismount is possible, excessive end zone celebration unlikely.

  1. The PBR doesn’t want to hurt him so he gets on a Beginners Level Bull

-This would be the lamest scenario but he would probably still get bucked off. If he did ride this level of bull the PBR would have a hard time explaining to anyone that it wasn’t one of their best bulls.

Conclusion 3: If he rides this bull, congratulations to him an end zone celebration is a sure bet either way, but now try and ride a real one.

As Ted Stovin added, “Ochocinco doesn’t have a chance if the PBR actually matches him up with a bull at the same level as the real PBR bull riders get on. I’m not sure how many times I have heard people talk like this and it just gets a bit ridiculous sometimes. It’s great though for the PBR because it will show just what kind of athletes are involved in our sport. Once Ochocinco gets bucked off to the arena floor before the end of the chute gate (about 8 feet) people will start to understand a bit more about what it takes to be a bull rider in the PBR.”

Any way that this goes it will benefit the PBR by bringing itself into many homes that wouldn’t see it normally. If Ochocinco rides any of the bulls it may hurt certain areas but benefit others. If he rides the bull it could open the doors to many other people interested in the sport. It would hurt some of the bull riders because then everyone and their dog would probably think they could ride a bull then.

“I think the best scenario would be for them to match him up with a medium level bull that still throws him off quickly to show that even just an average bull still threw him off fast.”

–Ted Stovin

Either way this will be a great moment for the PBR.



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