PBR World Finals Night One Report brought to you by 3D Bullriding Inc.

Las Vegas, NV: The rankest bulls were out tonight matched up with the top bull riders in the whole world. $2,000,000 will be paid out in the next five days with a $250,000 prize for the winner this weekend with $1,000,000 to the 2012 PBR World Champion.

Zane Lambert was one of the first men out on the night and the first to get a score. It was 84.5 on the CN Stars’ Bull 73 Buck Wild.


It was good enough to get him a sixth place finish on the night and pick himself up a $2,500 check. Look for an interview here with Zane late tonight or early tomorrow to hear his thoughts including why he made the switch to the helmate.

Since he was invited to the finals, Zane needs to stay within the top 15 in order to stay in for the duration of the weekend. There’s a lot of money on the line and he will be surely getting his share of it.

Ty Pozzobon, Aaron Roy and Chad Besplug all came down before the eight second whistle.

Full round one results.

  1. Renato Nunes, 90.25 on Dakota Rodeo/Chad Berger/Clay Struve/Julie Rosen’s K-14 Yellow Jacket Jr. $25,000
  2. Luke Snyder, 89.75 on TTi – 57 Shamoun
  3. (Tie) Emilio Resende, 87 on FF-718 Lightmaker.com’s Rango
  4. (Tie) Valdiron de Olivera, 87 on YP-D05 Flint
  5. Robson Palermo, 86.75 on FBD-810 Ball Peen.
  6. Zane Lambert, 84.5 on SG-73 Buck Wild.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the event.

Earlier today, the Prescott/Wallgren Bull U1 True Blood competed in the ABBI Wild Card at the South Point Hotel & Casino. Scoring an 87, he finished outside of the money, needing at least two more points to move onto the World Finals for his own chance at $250,000.


From Las Vegas, NV for Everything Cowboy.ca and 3D Bullriding Inc, I’m Ted Stovin.



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