London, ON PBR Canada Results

Josh Koschel on Darkside 82 Chad Besplug on Crazy Train 81 Billy Robinson on Half Cocked 81 Zach Brown on Down and Dirty 78.5 Jesse Van Nek on Fully Loaded 76.5 Nathan Schaper on Jim Bean 76.5 Jeff Askey on Body Double 74.5

The following came back to make 12 Budd Williamson Tanner Girletz Jason Finkbeiner Matt Tripplett Josh Ehlers Poncho Limas

Short Go

Budd Williamson 86 Billy Robinson 84.5 Nathan Schaper 81

Average Winner was Billy Robinson, this win should put him back into the Built Ford Tough Tour.

Thanks to Lana Green for sending these results for us all. I really appreciate the help!



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