Besplug Wins Night #1 of The Wranchman’s PBR

The sun has finally made it to Alberta and it sure shined bright as it set over the dust, the bulls and cowboy hats in the Parking lot of the Wranchman’s bar in Calgary, AB last night. It took a while to get some bulls rode but Chad Besplug made the first ride at 85 points which almost held up to win the long round until Ty Pozzobon made himself an 86 point ride near the end.

The first ride of the short round came with Brian Hervey scoring 77 points with the option of a re-ride. Even though he was in first he took the option. Chad Besplug then rode and made a great 89 point ride on the Girletz bull Final Legacy to take the lead. Brian’s re-ride was then run in and he went. First Nation Sensation threw him into the parking lot covered with dirt making probably most people think he should have kept his score. But when you want to win so badly you go for it and that’s what Brian did.

The last man to go was the winning of the long round who was like many other times, coming in with the lead. I wasn’t sure if he had enough bull power to get an 89 and ended up being close to right. Ty was 86 points again but probably could have been a few more if he were to have rode his bull better. He tried his butt off and got the whistle but it wasn’t as pretty as some rides he’s made lately like the ones below from the past week.

So after the first night Chad Besplug is in the lead, Ty Pozzobon is second, and Benjamin Hoare of Australia is in third. With how the format of this event works there is a winner each day but the money if paid out over the two days total. So a person can win first and second at the event actually.

The show starts tonight at 7 at the Wranchman’s.

Here are some of Ty’s rides from the past week as well if you haven’t seen them yet. We travelled from Ponoka Tuesday to Airdire Wednesday, Williams Lake Thursday, St. Paul and Molalla, OR Friday, Cody, WY Saturday to Red Lodge, MT Sunday night then making it back to Tanner Girletz’s place Monday morning about 6 am. We put on about 5000 kms in that stretch but Ty did well so it was well worth the miles.

Williams Lake, BC for the win:

Cody, WY to finish for a 6/7 tie:

Red Lodge, MT to finish 4th:



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