#PBRNYC Rond Two Live on YouTube

New York, NY: I think it’s pretty dam cool they can live stream this event from Madison Square Garden to everyone of us around the world that chooses to watch it online. Hopefully we will be able to do so in the next year or so. It’s 6:14pm MST right now and if you haven’t clicked play yet, you better get started!

As of 6:29 now, Aaron Roy is on the board with an 86.25 for the lead in Round Two. Ty Pozzobon sat in the 11th spot after Round One with an 83.25. Pozzobon got off to a great start last year here in New York. Hopefully both can do so once again in 2013.

Section Five and Six are up next after the intermission, Ty Pozzobon came down early from a bull by the name of Lightmaker. Both Aaroy and Ty will need scores tomorrow to make the Championship Round.



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