#4: Three in the Top 30

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Number four on the Everything Cowboy Biggest Moments of 2014 countdown brought to you by 3D Bull Riding Inc. comes from the final moment of the PBR’s Built Ford Tough World Finals this year.

When the dust settled on this year’s PBR season, Tanner Byrne, Ty Pozzobon and Zane Lambert all finished inside the top 30. I think this has likely happened before but it hasn’t been in recent years and I don’t think it was done quite in this fashion either.

With another ride or two Byrne could have been the PBR’s Rookie of the Year, and would have been the first Canadian ever to do so. Even with not winning that title he still finished as the top Canadian this year winning the Glen Keeley Memorial Award. 14th place is where he enters the 2015 season in less than a weeks time in Baltimore after winning over $148,000 in 2014 in the PBR alone.

In 25th on the year was Ty Pozzobon having won over $127,000 on the year. Pozzobon won’t be back to the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series for Baltimore but expects to return soon.

Our 2013 PBR Canada Champion Zane Lambert finished in the 28th spot and goes in to 2015 as a seeded rider. Lambert took home over $114,000 on the year in the PBR and you’ll even get a chance to see him in Ponoka this New Year’s Eve before he heads to Baltimore if you wish.

All in all it was another great year in the PBR with Silvano Alves and Bushwacker earning their third world titles. I’m interested to see where J.W. Harris spends most of his time in 2015 as well.

As the countdown moves on, stay tuned, we’ve only got three days to go!


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Everything Cowboy Biggest Moments of 2014 brought to you by 3D Bull Riding Inc.

4. Three in the Top 30

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