What’s That Bull with Ted Stovin – Vermillion, AB PBR

Calgary, AB: ATB Financial presents the 2013 Lakeland College PBR Canada Touring Pro Event coming up this Friday night in Verillion, AB!

For those of you interested, this is the draw for the event. After the draw are a few match-ups and a bit more on some of the bulls you’ll see out on the evening.

What are your picks after seeing the draw? I’d like to hear your thoughts and picks for the round win.

1 Max Fortmuller DeWinton, AB 841 HOGS Back on track Double Down L
2 Fabian Marcelo Dueck Winnipeg, MB 856 HOGS Black Chicago L
3 Mick  Ford Orange, NSW 818 HOGS Morning Breath L
4 Dakota Petersen Wood Mountain SK 724 HOGS Lost Wages R
5 Scott Schiffner Strathmore, AB 77 HOGS Northern Chill R
6 Miles Pennington Red Deer, AB 111 HOGS Devils Henchman R
7 Jesse Torkelson Warburg, AB 935 HOGS Angry Music L
8 Devon Mezei Stettler,AB 93 HOGS Full of Spice L
9 Justin Lloyd Tisdale, SK 679 B2 Northern Lights R
10 Harve Stewart Stephenville, TX 902 B2 Gangster’s Paradise R
11 Derek Glenn Strathclair, MB -944 B2 Right Amount of Renegade L
12 Todd Chotowetz Major, SK 801 EKBB Strike Force L
13 Kyle Lozier 150 Mile House, BC 822 EKBB T.J. R
14 Cody Coverchuk Meadow Lake, SK 455 CALG Bull Durham R
15 Daniel Hansen Fort St John, BC 613 CALG Bomb’s Away L
16 Zane Lambert Westbourne, MB 890 DC4 Slim Reaper L
17 Cliff Richardson Via Cresford, NSW 13 SKRI Toon Town R
18 Skyler McBride Madden, AB 911 SKRI E.W.’s Bonness R
19 Josh  Birks Coonamble NSW 6 SKRI Boilynn Hot R
20 Tanner Byrne Prince Albert, SK 715 EKBB Loaded L
21 Dustin Tompkins Bowden, AB 822 EKBB Rip Tide L
22 Armando Davila Saltillo Coah Mex 701 EKBB Jim Beam R
23 Jake Wilson Cargo, NSW 914 EKBB Carmel Crunch R
24 Ty  Elliott Nanton, AB 534 CALG Body Damage L
25 Steven Turner Cochrane, AB 868 CALG Everything Cowboy L
26 Buffer Zone 894 CALG Grey Water R
27 Jordan Hansen Okotoks, AB S30 CALG Even Money R
28 Adam Jamison New Zealand 895 CALG Sweet Emotion L
29 Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB 105 CALG Beaver R
30 Lachlan Richardson Gresford,NSW 719 CALG Scuba Steve R
31 Tim Lipsett Lumsden SK 802 CALG Flash Back R


10 HOGS 747 South of Heaven R Low
9 DC4 87 Jurrasic Oil High Five L
8 SKRI 10 Smoke Ring L
7 EKBB 806 Night Moves L
6 EKBB 706 Butterfly Effect R
5 EKBB 701 Foul Play L
4 CALG 703 Gingas Kong L
3 B2 581 Jackson James L
2 HOGS 81 Axis of Evil L
1 CALG 819 Man In Black L High


Stock Contractors
EKBB Eno/Kubinchuk Bucking Bulls
SKRI Skori Bucking Bulls
CALG Calgary Stampede
B2 Braithwaite Ranches
HOGS Wild Hoggs
DC4 4C’s Bucking Bulls


Max Fortmuller vs. HOGS 841 Double Down – I’m not sure when the last time Max got on. He’s had a bit of trouble with his shoulder in recent years. The last time I remember him in Vermillion though I think he won the event on Todd Braithwaite’s then 404 Gunpowder and Lead. The same Gunpowder and Lead that’s now a superstar on the PBR’s BFTS. Max was 88 then and I think he could be the same on this bull.

If Josh Birks rode Double Down in Stavely back in September he would have been all of 88.


Kyle Lozier vs. EKBB 822 TJ – Kyle and TJ got into a nasty wreck in Langham at the Curtis Leschyshyn PBR Invitational last August. I think this match-up could win the round. TJ is a rank dude in my opinion but can be tough sometimes. After a break I bet he’s fresh and has a great trip.

This is how I think it won’t go this time around.


Skyler McBride vs. SKRI 911 E.W.’s Bonness – I think Skyler should be really happy with this bull he’s got drawn in Ellie Skori’s E.W.’s Bonness. I am betting Skyler gets about an 83 and draws a nice one coming back in the Short Go. This bull should spin to the left and be a little flatter but still be real fast.

Tyler Pankewitz was 83 and tied for the Long Go win in Langham, SK on this bull back in August.


Steven Turner vs. CALG 868 Everything Cowboy – I think you may have already heard of this bull before…. I am probably going to put him in every article possible too. I think Steve should really like the draw though with as much as Everything Cowboy goes to the left. 868 does have a trick or two to him though in my opinion. He got Beau Hill back in Manor by jumping ahead a bit near the end. He went back to the right with Tanner Byrne out in Armstrong too. That’s nothing Steve hasn’t seen before. I’m going with an 85 here.

The score Beau Hill got on 868 back at the PBR Canadian Finals in November.


Tyler Pankewitz vs. CALG 105 Beaver – My outright pick for the round win is right here with Pank on Calgary Stampede’s Beaver. This bull got rode a couple times at the CFR. Once by Dakota Buttar and another time by Chad Besplug. I’m going with an 86.5 here. That should set him up for a great Short Go bull in Man In Black, Gingas Kong, Axis of Evil or Jackson James.

Aaron Roy came down early from Beaver in Langham. I think it was going to be a high score too.


For more information on the Lakeland College PBR, contact Lee MacMillan at Lee.MacMillan@lakelandcollege.ca

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