What’s That Bull with Ted Stovin – Lloydminster, SK

Lloydminster, SK: 2012 SIGA 3D Bullriding Tour Finale is this coming Saturday September 29th Night. There have been seven events across Alberta and Saskatchewan between March and now with over $100,000 in prize money paid out in that time. All of that and it all comes down to one night to decide who will become the Champion.

Professional Bull Riding action will get underway at 6:30pm.

More than one more bull rider i needed to compete. If you missed entries or want to still get on, contact the PBR Office in Pueblo, CO to get yourself entered.

If you’d rather watch the action instead of ride, tickets are still available from the Lloydminter Exhibition by phone at 306-825-5571. Adults are $25 and kids are only $10.

You’ll see nothing but the best of the best in Professional Bull Riders as well as Canada’s top animal athletes. A few of which you’ll also be able to see at the upcoming PBR World Finals in Las Vegas, NV. Someone will even win themselves a brand new truck. This doesn’t happen every day in our sport. it’s going to be quite the evening.

As for the truck picture above, there’s been a bit of confusion on the truck and who will win it.

To start, there’s a $5,000 bonus awarded to the bull rider who wins the most money throughout the tour. That’s already been won by Aaron Roy. Ty Pozzobon wouldn’t be able to catch him even if he were to win on Saturday. That’s that.

Now for the truck, there are about 15 riders that have qualified for their shot at winning it. To get that chance, they had to compete at every 3D Bullriding event this year. Now in Lloydminster, SK the rider who finishes the highest out of the 15 qualified at the event on Saturday Night will drive home the truck. If an American bull rider wins it, they will be able to take a cash option instead.

 All of the following bull riders have a shot at winning the truck. With the draws they have in the Long Go, it’s anyone’s to win. The same can be said about those not talked about here. It’s going to be an exciting event come Saturday Night.

Aaron Roy vs. HOGS818 Morning Breath – Aaron Roy has already won the 2012 SIGA 3D Bull Riding Tour as far as money won goes. To ensure he wins himself the truck too he will need to ride this bull. The Wild Hoggs/Corey Chmelnyk bull Morning Breath hasn’t been ridden much this year but I bet Aaron covers him for about an 84.

Saskatchewan man Justin Lloyd took on Morning Breath in Stavely, AB but didn’t handle the switch back well.


Tanner Byrne vs. HOGS866 All Wrapped Up – The first time I really saw this bull was at the start of the month in Stavely at the Glen Keeley Memorial Bull Riding. Jared Farley rode him there for an 84.5. All Wrapped Up gave Jared everything and bucked him off at the end. If this bull has the same tracks he will be spinning away from Tanner’s hand but that won’t be any trouble for him. Look for about an 85 from the “Riding Redhead” and the Wild Hoggs’ All Wrapped Up.

Jared Farley with an 84.5 on 866 in Stavely, AB on Sept. 1st.


Devon Mezei vs. LZYR39 Ring My Bell – Devon hasn’t ridden a bunch since the wreck he got into back in August. He’s got a good bull here that he can be a few points on too. After taking some time off, Devon will be fresh and ride this red horned bull of Greg Rolfe and Reg Jensen’s. Jason Finkbeiner rode him in Lethbridge in the spring for an 87, Jesse Torkelson was 85 on Ring My Bell in Kinsella this summer too. They both ride left handed but I don’t think it’ll make too big of a difference for Devon. Look for about an 85 here for him in my opinion and give him a great shot at the truck.

Jesse Torkelson with that 85 in Kinsella, AB in July.

Beau Hill vs. WV806 Cold & Empty – You can never really bet against Beau. In this situation too you’ll want to bet on him if the opportunity arises. Cold & Empty hasn’t been around much but he probably will be after the last couple trips he’s had. 806 is a jersey looking bull that spun to the right and faded a good way across the arena in Elnora, AB with Denton Edge. Beau will ride this one for sure for around an 85 and set himself up for a good Championship Round bull.
Denton Edge going up against Cold & Empty in Elnora, AB on August 11th.


Ty Pozzobon vs. B2889 Wrangler’s Rock of Ages – This is a re-match from Wanham in June where Ty came down a fraction of a second too soon. I’m willing to bet that won’t happen again this time. Look for a good score here and to see Pozzy back in the Short Go. He and Aaron didn’t decline the option to be in Greensboro, NC at the BFTS for no reason. They want to win that truck. Todd Braithwaite’s Wrangler’s Rock of Ages could help do just that for Ty.

That first meeting in Wanham, AB in June.


Scott Schiffner vs. BRZY703 About to Blow – It’s tough not to call this match-up the feature of the night. Scott Schiffner is having another great year and has a shot at winning the Ford F-150 on Saturday. With the bull he’s drawn his chances are better than others too. Josh and Tamara Berezay and their two daughters of Two Bit Bucking Bulls have a great one in 703 About to Blow. Scott and I talked on the phone the other day and he figured this white horned bull might have a trick to him. This will be the round win when Schiffner gets the whistle.

Zac Peterson couldn’t stay with him at the Glen Keeley Memorial once he sped up a bit. That might be that trick.


Once again, it’s 6:30pm at the Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds inside. There’ll be no excuse to stay at home on Saturday. See you there. 



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