What’s That Bull with Ted Stovin – Day One in Fort St. John, BC

Fort St. John, BC: Below are my thoughts on a few key match-ups for night one of the Daryl Mills PBR Invitational. Daryl and I talked on the phone today about the event. He mentioned that he was looking forward to it and is glad to see guys like Jared Farley entered along with Ryan Dirteater and Skeeter Kingsolver. Same with Australians Cliff Richardson and Troy Wilkinson.

Adding in our top Canadians like Scott Schiffner, Tyler Pankewitz, Jesse Torkelson and Dusty Ephrom.

Mills also talked about Tyler Thomson being entered and coming back after taking most of 2012 off.

“I think it’s pretty cool how many guys have been to the World Finals too.” Daryl told over the phone.

I’m not sure how many PBR World Finals qualifications do add up here but it’s quite a few.

If you’re wanting to see these guys compete this weekend, bull riding gets started on Saturday Night at the Fort St. John Rec Center.

This trip to Fort St. John is stop number three of the 2013 PBR Canada Touring Pro Series.

Now on to some of those match-ups.

Tanner Girletz vs. Sawyer’s 899 Gretzky – This bull has been impressive this year. Chase Thelien just about rode Gretzky about ten days ago in Rimbey too. 899 is a bigger bull that’ll turn back to the right, right in the gate. I think Tanner gets himself into the high 80’s with a solid ride on him. Steve Turner didn’t last long on Gretzky back in Lethbridge as shown in this video.


Cliff Richardson vs. Armstrong’s 979 Super Too – Tanner Girletz rode 979 Super Too of Kelly Armstrong’s back in Lethbridge at the start of March for an 85.5. This bull is red with big rodeo looking horns on him. He looked pretty smooth in this trip he had with Tanner. I’ve yet to meet Cliff but from the video I saw from him in Vermillion, I don’t see him having any trouble with this bull. My money is on an 84 for the Aussie.


Dusty Ephrom vs. Skori’s 911 EW’s Bonness – Dusty has been coming back from injury as of late. I think this is one of his first PBR events back too. This sure is a nice bull for him to draw too in my opinion. Ashton Arychuk won the event in Viking the other day with an 83.s on EW’s Bonness. That’s the same score Tyler Pankewitz got on 911 in Langham last August too. My guess is that an 83 should fit Dusty about right too.


Troy Wilkinson vs. Vold’s V3 Pipeline – I don’t remember seeing this bull a whole bunch yet. Pipeline is a black brockle faced bull that turned back to the right. Ty Elliot rode him in Lethbridge for an 85 and he looked like one a guy would want to get on. Troy Wilkinson made a big splash at his first Canadian event by winning it. He might win his second one here after getting started on this one.


Jared Farley vs. Vold’s 769 In The Club – In The Club is wild as heck, pretty crazy, possibly insane. There haven’t been a ton of guys to ride him either, as probably expected. I’m thinking Jared should be excited about this one though, if he rides him he’s going to win.

Poncho Limas got on In The Club in Kalispell, MT in February and it didn’t pan out for him.


The night one draw for the Daryl Mills PBR Invitational in Fort St. John, BC. April 20th.

1 Justin Lloyd Tisdale, SK 875 MOVES LIKE JAGGER L SWYR
2 Zac Peterson Velva, ND 369 NIGHT TIME 9 L SWYR
3 Ty Patten Buck Lake, AB 866 BUCKET LIST R SWYR
4 Stetson Lawrence Williston, ND 359 COSMO KRAMER LB SWYR
5 Tanner Girletz Cereal, AB 899 GRETZKY L SWYR
6 Cliff Richardson Via Cresford, NSW 979 SUPER TOO RB KARM
7 Matt Triplett Columbia Falls, MT 987 SNAKE BITE R KARM
8 Scott Schiffner Strathmore, AB 857 SO WHAT LB KARM
9 Jake Wilson Australia 715 BOTTOMS UP L KARM
10 Jordan Hansen Okotoks, AB 802 HEAVY METAL R KARM
11 Ty Tescher Sidney, MT 10 DRIVE BY R KARM
12 Skeeter Kingsolver Mclouth, KS 928 MAGIC HAMMER LB KARM
13 Ryan Dirteater Hulbert, OK 6 BOILYNN HOT L SKRI
14 Dusty Ephrom Kenosee Lake, SK 911 E.W.’S BONNESS R SKRI
15 Skyler McBride Madden, AB 902 FREIGHT SHAKER L SKRI
16 Derek Creswell Weatherford, OK 76 PEN PAL L SKRI
17 Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB 701 JIM BEAM R XTRM
18 Jesse Torkelson Warburg, AB W822 RIP TIDE L XTRM
19 Daniel Hansen Caroline, AB 715 LOADED L XTRM
20 Clint Johnson Baker City, OR 724 LOST WAGES R HOGS
21 Budd Williamson Ayr QLD, AUS 806 COLD AND EMPTY R WVR
22 Ty  Elliott Nanton, AB 822 TJ L XTRM
23 Zack Bright Ephrata, WA 111 DEVILS HENCHMAN L HOGS
24 Poncho Limas Stephenville,TX 801 JAYDER BAYDER R WVR
25 Troy Wilkinson Upper Horton, NSW V3 PIPE LINE R WVR
26 Steven Turner Linden, AB 841 BACK ON TRACK DOUBLE DOWN L HOGS
27 Todd Chotowetz Major, SK 856 BLACK CHICAGO L HOGS
28 Jared Farley Kempsey, NSW 769 IN DA CLUB R WVR
29 Max Fortmuller Millarville, AB 856 SUBMISSION L WVR
30 Tyler Thomson Black Diamond, AB 907 JUICE BOX L WVR





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