What’s That Bull for the High River PBR

HIGH RIVER, Alberta — These are my thoughts on a few of Saturday Night’s matchups for the High River PBR. The bull riding starts at 7:00pm with all tickets available at the door for $20 each.

See you in High River on Saturday!

Jordan Hansen vs. Harrison Flats

This is about as close as it gets to home now for Jordan since moving to Okotoks. Coming off a big year and qualifying for the CFR for the first time, he’s going to keep growing and getting better in 2014. With this being the first PBR Canada event of the year, he will be looking to get things started off right. He’s drawn a great bull to do so on in Sawyer’s Harrison Flats. This black and white horned bull has been ridden more than not in my memory. Most recently in the PBR with Tyler Thomson riding him for an 85.5 and a tie for the long go win in Kinsella on his way to the win.


Jesse Torkelson vs. Jiminy Hou

We haven’t seen this bull rode a ton since Kyle Lozier was 85 on him back in Wanham last summer. When betting on that bulls’ day there I would bet on Tork any day. With Kyle he spun left and faded a ways and hopefully he does the same on Saturday. I’d predict an 85 and potentially the long go win setting up Jesse nicely for the winter and another great year in the PBR in 2014.


Michael Ostashek vs. Doom and Gloom

I think one of the first PBR Canada events that Michael entered was Stavely and he put up a heck of an effort up against Girletz’s Idiot Proof there. Only a couple weeks later Tyler Pankewitz rode the same bull for an 87. Doom and Gloom is a black and white speckled bull from the Two Bit Nation that’s been the other half of some money won this season. I’m putting my faith in Mike on Saturday to start making his name in the PBR here in Canada.


Scott Schiffner vs. 2 Dark 2 C

This is a rematch from last month’s PBR Canadian Finals in Saskatoon where Scott was victorious for an 85.5 point score. Even after a buck-off in the second round there he came back in the Championship Round to take home the finals title and a new Ford F-150 courtesy of the SIGA 3D Bullriding Tour. Scott should be thrilled to have this bull and I’d say this will start off his 2014 the way he wants it with another great score. What I think is that Chad Besplug should be entered here in High River after he only beat Schiffner by $400 for the Canadian Pro Rodeo Championship about ten days ago in Edmonton. What do you say Chad? There is a buffer zone spot….

Tell us your picks in a comment below.



Cawl Braithwaite Rimbey, AB 890 Home Boy (L) XTRM


Brody Irwin High River, AB 913 Juggernaught (L) XTRM


Justin Lloyd Tisdale, SK 801 Jayder Bayder(R) WV


Tristan Carlier Medicine Hat, AB 929 Digging Bombs (R) WV


Ty  Elliott Nanton, AB 900 Torch Head (L) WV


Luis Villareal Acuna Coah Mex 825 Feeling Blue (L) WV


Brian Hervey Brant, AB 320 Grey Area (L) SWYR


Fabian Marcelo Dueck Paraguay 014 Man Dime (R) SWYR


Jordan Hansen Okotoks, AB 349 Harrison Flats (R) SWYR


Jesse Torkelson Warburg, AB 777 Jiminy Hou (R) Back SWYR


Ryan McDonald Caslan, AB 03 Buck Bomb (L) SWYR


Todd Chotowetz Major, SK 01 Edge of Glory (L) SWYR


Edgar Durazo Moctezuma Sonora 548 Mambo #5 (R) 2BIT


Kasey Attrill Merritt, BC 841 High Roller (R) 2BIT


Ty Tescher Sidney, MT 077 Bowinkle (R) 2BIT


Michael Ostashek Two Hills AB 761 Doom And Gloom (L) 2BIT


Adam Jamison New Zealand 968 Full Throttle Freddy (R) 2BIT


Wyatt Gleason Sundre, AB 068 Sausage Stuffer Two(L) HOGS


Scott Schiffner Strathmore, AB 911 2 Dark 2 See (L) HOGS


Shane King Kamloops, BC 066 Back On Track (R) HOGS


Kyle Primeau Edmonton, AB 818 Morning Breath (R) HOGS


Buffer Zone W17 Cool Whip  (R) BCR


Cole Ostby Coaldale, AB 8 Blood Money (L) BCR


Brock Radford Dewinton, AB W2 Ugly (L) BCR


Tyler Thomson Black Diamond, AB 32 Yellow Rose (L) BCR


Stetson Lawrence Williston, ND Y50 Hawaii Five O (R) BCR


Travis Warburton Sylvan Lake, AB Y43 Whats Cookin (R) BCR


Chad Wolfchild Rocky Boy, MT 015 Up And Down (R) BGST


Bradley Ingersol White Court, AB 035 Sheep Creek (L) BGST


Garrett Green Meeting Creek, AB 007 Enter Sandman (L) BGST


Short Round
1.43 Rusty Nails (L)   (WV)
2. 867 Bringing Sexy Back (L) (2Bit)
3. 917 Pound The Alarm(R) (Hogs)
4. 866 Bucket List (R) (SWYR)
5.  731 Tree Shaker (L) (SWYR)
6.369 Night Time 9 (L) (SWYR)
7. 720 Bad Motor Scooter(R) (BCR)
8. 861 Bucking Fantastic (R) (2Bit)
9. 991 Moe Banger (L) (2Bit)
10. 822 Indian Turtle (L) (WV)




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