What’s That Bull for the Gold Eagle Casino PBR Classic

NORTH BATTLEFORD, Saskatchewan — Wednesday’s 2nd Annual Gold Eagle Casino PBR Classic features the top bull riders in Canada against the top bulls competing for $12,500 in added prize money.

Bull riding starts at 7:00pm at the North Battleford Exhibition Grounds. Tickets are $25, kids five and under are free. Get yours before the event at Austin’s Saddlery or at the gate.

Stop number seven on the 2015 3D Bull Riding Tour boasts some great match-ups but the best of the night might be the $2,500 ride off against Hey Jack from the Wild Hoggs.

It’ll take a ride in round one first though and here’s who I think has the best shot.

Josh Birks vs. 957 Hand Burner – Anytime a guy has this bull in the draw it’s up to him to get him rode and make the finals. Birks is having a time in the BRC but ranks outside the top ten in the PBR. He’s got a shot at moving up a couple spots with a ride here.

Casey Berg vs. L6 Jawbreaker – According to the stats this bull has only been rode a couple times now for scores in the low 80’s. Berg is a last minute addition here and hasn’t been to many PBR’s yet. Heck of a draw to get back to the finals on for a kid that’s won over $10,000 in Bull Riders Canada competition so far this year.

Zane Lambert vs. 818 Morning Breath – Zane has been having a good summer rodeoing and it looks like he’s already qualified for the CFR in Edmonton in November. The week after though is the PBR Canada Finals and he’s looking for his second title there. Currently fourth in the PBR in Canada, Zane won’t be happy until he’s first. Morning Breath has been having a heck of a year and hasn’t been covered yet. Look for Zane to change that.

Cody Coverchuk vs. 697 Hands Free – It doesn’t get much closer to home here for Coverchuk. He’s drawn a great one from the Two Bit Nation too in Hands Free. Look for a big score from this match-up.


Round one draw for the 2nd Annual Gold Eagle Casino PBR Classic on Wednesday August 5th, 2015 at 7:00pm.

# Rider Name Bull Name SC Brand Del
1 JC Curley Real Deal CSBB 43 R
2 Cawl Braithwaite [2] Hodge CSBB 46 R
3 Josh Birks Hand Burner BATR 957 R
4 Cody Ballard Mouse SKRI L5 L
5 Casey Berg Jaw Breaker SKRI L6 L
6 Tanner Byrne Prairie Bear CSBB 077 R
7 Michael Ostashek Regulator F4BB 123 R
8 Fabian Marcelo Dueck Titanic F4BB 14 R
9 BUFFER ZONE Speed Bump F4BB 13 R
10 Landon Garrett Lockhart Rat Trap F4BB 204 L
11 BUFFER ZONE Cage Crawler VOL 135 L
12 Cody Teece Overcooked VR/P 108 L
13 Aaron Roy Nailed VR/P 100 R
14 Tim Lipsett Liking You WV 105 R
15 Chris Young Dirty Little Rumor VR/P 125 R
16 Dakota Buttar Snake Eyes BATR 901 L
17 Travis Warburton Payment in Blood BATR 907 L
18 Justin Lloyd Wonder Boy 2BT 010 L
19 BUFFER ZONE Pedro 2BT 125 R
20 Shane Peters Hard Rock 2BT 014 R
21 Cawl Braithwaite [1] EW’s Bonness SKRI 911 R
22 Zane Lambert Morning Breath HOGS 818 L
23 Wacey Finkbeiner Mystery Soldier WHBK 099 L
24 Kale Marks Devil’s Candy 2BT H907 R
25 Garrett Green Shot of Whiskey 2BT 185 R
26 Cody Coverchuk Hands Free 2BT 697 R
27 Will Purcell Catch Me If You Can HOGS 016 L
28 BUFFER ZONE Whiplash HOGS 13 L
29 Shay Marks Despicable You HOGS 130 R
30 Nicholas Klinck Open Season HOGS 193 R



# Bull Name SC Brand Del
1 Rockaholic HOGS 066 L
2 Still Water 2BT 147 L
3 Barely Legal CSBB 75 L
4 First Buckle RFT8 5W R
5 Hear Me Roar HOGS 198 R
6 Coopers Comet VR/P 127 L
7 Be Bop F4BB 111
8 Minion Stewart SKRI 0819 R
9 Rolling Coal SKRI 1954 R
10 Vertigo BATR U2 L


Bounty Bull

1 Hey Jack HOGS 135 R



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