What’s That Bull for the Elnora Brahma Rama PBR

ELNORA, Alberta — The following is the draw and a few feature match-ups for Saturday night’s Elnora Brahma Rama PBR.

Wacey Anderson did such a great job of doing these picks over the past few nights he kept on going for the final stop of the weekend.

Elnora features $10,000 in prize money and freestyle motocross in between bull riding sections. Come check it out!


Shane Peters vs. 088 El Hombre – Shane had a tough go on Wednesday night in North Battleford and came out empty handed. I think he will turn his luck around on El Hombre. This is a bull that is rode more often than not and is one a guy wants to get on all the time. If Shane can get him twisted he should place deep in the long round and fill his wranglers up with some cash.

Dirty Mike Ostashek vs. 115 Lip Stand – I watched Tehiko Neill ride this little muley in the short round to an 84 in the short round at a BRC event in Rockyford at the end of June. Lip Stand should hop out there and turn back to the right, which will be advantage Dirty Mike.

Shay Marks vs. 051 Road Trip – Shay got himself a fist full of money to start off the week in North Battleford, and look to see him do the same here. Road Trip is a sweet right hand spinner that comes from Wilson Rodeo and should fit Shay’s program real good.

Zane Lambert vs. 946 Hippy Freak – Hippy Freak is the 2014 FCA Bull of the Year, and Zane couldn’t of picked himself a better draw here. Zane is currently third in the PBR Canada standings and this is the perfect matchup for him to make up some ground on the number one man Tanner Byrne. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Zane takes the long round in Elnora on Saturday night.

Round one draw for the Elnora Brahma Rama on August 8th, 2015 starting at 7:00pm.

1 Wacey Finkbeiner TB X43 All Jacked Up R
2 Denver Sisson TB 299 Pain Killer R
3 Cody Humphrey TB 295 Kool Whip RF
4 Jordan Arbuthnott EKBB 022 Mr. Sunshine LB
5 Garrett Green LZYR 737 China White L
6 Cody Coverchuk EKBB 940 Body Special LF
7 Justin Lloyd TB 11 Real Calm R
8 Dakota Louis EKBB 903 Body Twist R
9 Brian Symington EKBB 011 Funky Sam R
10 Kim Forbes RGCC 077 Village Idiot L
11 Josh Birks RGCC Z46 Uptown Funk L
12 Chris Young LZYR 836 I’m A Punk R
13 Jorry Holmes LZYR 605 Boot Strap R
14 Will Purcell RGCC 0730 Grind the Crack R
15 Cawl Braithwaite WV 175 Making Wishes R
16 Blaine Dixon FHRC 066 Shots Fired R
17 Tyson Sisson FHRC 076 Last Wish R
18 Shane Peters FHRC 088 El Hombre RF
19 Dakota Buttar OBRC 104 Monster LB
20 BUFFER ZONE OBRC 205 Big Willow L
21 Lorne Sampson OBRC 202 Eye Candy L
22 Tanner Girletz FHRC 208 Pretty Reckless R
23 Kale Marks FHRC X202 I’m A Thug R
24 Michael Ostashek OBRC 115 Lip Stand RF
25 Cody Teece WV 221 Jersey Dip L
26 Jordan Carlier WV -277 Exclusive L
27 BUFFER ZONE WV -205 Shake A Paw L
28 Shay Marks WILS 051 Road Trip R
29 Nicholas Klinck WILS 091 Bible Dust R
30 Zane Lambert WILS 946 Hippy Freak R


EKBB 107 Shakin Hands L Low
OBRC 080 Your So Vain R
FHRC +219 Blue Stone R
FHRC +220 Twenty To Life L
OBRC 081 Nearly Departed L
TB 907 Motown R
WV 011 War Cry L
WILS 959 Lawless R
WV -206 Corona Time L
ACC 23 Rock Show L High



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