What’s That Bull for the Eatonia Harvest Crunch PBR – August 8th, 2013

Eatonia, SK: Thursday brings us the 11th Annual Eatonia PBR Harvest Crunch Bullarama starting at 7:30pm in the Eatonia Memorial Arena. $7,500 in added money is up for the top six bull riders paid out on their average in the two rounds.

Tickets are $20 for adults, $12 for kids 12 and under while pre-schooler’s get in free. Doors open at 5:00pm with a Roast Beef Supper on from 5:00 to 6:30pm by the Eationa Lions Club. A concession and Beer Garden are available during the event.

Jamie Haswell plays in the dance following the bull riding. Minors are not permitted. For those of you travelling into the area, the Eatonia Oasis Motel is the venue host. Give them a call at 306.967.2241 if you’re looking to stay.

The 50/50 draw is guaranteed to pay $1,500. Buy a Bull is available at G-Mac’s AgTeam 306.967.2211

There are also Wild Pony Races with no entry fees. Call Dave to enter at 306.460.9914

Proceeds from the event go to various community clubs & organizations. See more on the event Facebook Page.

Eatonia is already the 35th PBR Canada event of 2013. With only six events left before the 8th PBR Canadian National Finals in Saskatoon, SK on October 18th and 19th, the qualifiers are nearly set. Zane Lambert currently leads the Canadian Standings about 800 points ahead of North Dakota’s Zac Peterson. Zane has yet to win the PBR Canadian Championship and is on a mission to win it this year.

These are my thoughts on a few of the match-ups you’ll witness Thursday evening.


Dusty Ephrom vs. Bad Motor Scooter and Devil’s Wing – Dusty should be real happy about drawing these two bulls. A solid ride on both of them should give him the win. Bad Motor Scooter doesn’t get seen a ton at the PBR’s in Canada but he’s been to the CFR. Devil’s Wing is a sure bet for this year’s PBR Canadian Finals also. I’m thinking Dusty should be in the 86 to 88 point range on both.

Justin Lloyd got it from this one in Wanham back in June. #WreckWeek


Tanner Girletz vs. 2 Dark 2 C and Blizzard – If Ephrom slips up, Tanner has two awesome bulls drawn too. They have now won two bull ridings on 2 Dark 2 C and I think I’ve only seen him be out three times. Not a bad average. These ones even both go right. Girletz is leading the CPRA standings but a little ways back. A win here would help him out a ton. Once he gets past the first round though the pressure is on with the Black Muley called Blizzard from Two Bit Bucking Bulls.


Jordan vs. Mambo #5 – Uh oh… We saw the last time these two met in yesterday’s kick off for #WreckWeek. Let’s hope this one goes better for Jordan than it did in Manor. I’m hoping he’s got a new rope by now. I know he can ride this Two Bit Bull. Ty Patten did in Oyen the other day for an 86, in a hat even. My money is on Hansen riding the white bull this time.

Cody Coverchuk vs. Pound the Alarm – I saw this morning or last night that Cody Coverchuk was the winner of the July PBR Built Ford Tough Series Incentive. For a kid Cody’s age, that’s got to be exciting. This should be a good test for him as Pound the Alarm is a BFTS quality bull that may end up at this year’s PBR World Finals.

Josh Birks won the Nipawin Rona PBR on this Wild Hoggs’ bull back in May.


Tyler Thomson vs. Morning Breath – With a win in Kinsella and placing a few other times, Tyler is already 15th in the PBR Canadian Standings. A few more rides here could get him into the top ten.  I’ve talked about this bull lots before, there’s not much new to say. Tyler should get about an 85 here.

Ty Pozzobon hand picked Morning Breath for an 86.5 at his own event in Merritt, BC in June.


The full draw is here below. Take your shot at who you think might win.

Round 1
1 Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB 916   Exodus    R    GRS
2 Kyle German Crossfield, AB 073 Spectacle     L    GRS
3 Tyler Thomson Black Diamond, AB 844    Criminal Minds     L    BCR
4 Zane Lambert Westbourne, MB Y36   Paper Lion    R    BCR
5 Dusty Ephrom Kenosee Lake, SK 720   Bad Motor Scooter    R   BCR
6 Armando Davila Rodriguez Saltillo Coah Mex W2   Ugly    L    BCR
7 Tanner Girletz Cereal, AB 911  2Dark2C    L   WH
8 Jordan Hansen Okotoks, AB 39    Blaze    R    WH
9 Edgar Durazo Moctezuma Sonora W17  Cool Whip  R   BCR
10 Jesse Flett Fort Vermilion, AB 800  Got da Swagger    L  GRS
11 Cody Coverchuk Meadow Lake, SK 80   Boom Boom   L   GRS
12 Tanner Byrne Prince Albert, SK 931  Cool Factor   R    R-Saga
13 Chad  Besplug Claresholm, AB 909  Pieces of Eight   R    R-Saga
14 Brian Hervey Brant, AB 831  Idiot Proof    L  GRS
15 Fabian Marcelo Dueck Paraguay 719   High Times    R   CS
16 Luis  Villareal Acuna Coah Mex 014  Man dime    R    CS
17 Ty  Elliott Nanton, AB 907  Sling Shot Engaged    L   CS
Round 2
1 Tanner Byrne Prince Albert, SK 966  High Voltage    R    WH
2 Tanner Girletz Cereal, AB 852  Blizzard    L   2 Bit
3 Edgar Durazo Moctezuma Sonora 861  Bucking Fantastic    L    2 Bit
4 Fabian Marcelo Dueck Paraguay 43   Real Deal    R    WH
5 Jordan Hansen Okotoks, AB 548  Mambo # 5    R   2 Bit
6 Jesse Flett Fort Vermilion, AB 703  About to Blow   L   2 Bit
7 Zane Lambert Westbourne, MB 076  Cock of the Walk    L    2 Bit
8 Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB 803  Robo Red    R    R-Saga
9 Cody Coverchuk Meadow Lake, SK 917  Pound the Alarm   R  WH
10 Tyler Thomson Black Diamond, AB 818   Morning Breath    L   WH
11 Kyle German Crossfield, AB 90   Trendon    R    WH
12 Dusty Ephrom Kenosee Lake, SK 804  Devil’s Wing   R    2 Bit
13 Armando Davila Rodriguez Saltillo Coah Mex 991  Moe Banger   L   CS
14 Brian Hervey Brant, AB 750  Nedley Mandingo   L  CS
15 Ty  Elliott Nanton, AB 625  First Nation Sensation   R   GRS
16 Luis  Villareal Acuna Coah Mex 803  Crackback Jack   R   GRS
17 Chad  Besplug Claresholm, AB V29  Finkels Dog    L   GRS


Event sponsors of the 11th Annual Eatonia Harvest Crunch are:

Big Rack Vac

4 Hire Welding Ltd

LRSG Holdings Ltd
Chris Theaker Enterprises Ltd



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