What’s That Bull for the Clunie-Cooper Memorial PBR

PRINCE ALBERT, Saskatchewan – Now in it’s third year with the name “The Clunie-Cooper Memorial PBR,” 2014 marks the ninth year the PBR in Canada has made its way to the Art Hauser Center.

It’s with heavy hearts we make our way here to Prince Albert each year since the summer of 2011 when Max Clunie, Danny Mantyka, Cam Cooper and Wade Cooper passed away in a plane crash on June 30th of that year.

I can remember the drive we were on and the exact moment Tanner Byrne found out Max had passed away. I’d never seen Tanner in such bad shape before and wished the best for him the next morning when he flew to Saskatoon from Kamloops on the first one home.

At the time I didn’t know Max Clunie and I hadn’t met his family in his Dad, Rusty; Mom, Sharon or sisters, Allie, and Meghan who dated Tanner at the time. Meghan and Tanner are engaged and are getting married in August.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate to come to know Tanner and the entire Byrne family better along with the Clunie’s. I’ve heard tons about Max, worn his sticker on my hat and gotten to learn more about him lately.

This week the Clunie Family has been the most tremendous host to all of us that have been a part of the school taught by Luke Snyder and Jesse Byrne. They’ve fed us every night, given us a place to stay and treated us just like family. It feels like Christmas around here, shoot there was still snow on the ground too. There’s no place I’ve ever been like this.

From a tragic event that took place almost three years ago, Rusty and his family have done nothing but support the rodeo and bull riding communities and their local community here in Prince Albert. max_power

Last night, Rusty showed us all a video of Max hunting the fall and spring before he left us. I’d never met Max but I feel like I know him now a little bit. I’m glad to call everyone in the Clunie Family my friend and look forward to many years to come. I appreciate the hospitality and I’m looking forward to this weekend once again.

An award that has been given out the past two years on the weekend at the PBR is the Max Clunie Ring of Honor. This year’s recipient wasn’t going to make the event so Rusty awarded Jesse Byrne with the 2014 Max Clunie Ring of Honor Ring today. Congratulations, Jesse. Tomorrow, Jesse and his brother Tanner head towards Denver for this weekend’s PBR Built Ford Tough Series event which starts Friday in Colorado Springs.

The Clunie-Cooper Memorial PBR starts at 7:30pm both Friday and Saturday, May 2nd and 3rd at the Art Hauser Center. Tickets are available at the door or from the Prince Albert Raiders box office starting at $20.

Until then, here are my thoughts on some of the match-ups for Friday night. Below is the full draw.

Cody Ford vs. Freightshaker – Currently number one in the PBR Canadian Standings, Cody Ford may increase his lead with a ride on this big red from Ellie Skori. Lately they’ve been riding Freightshaker a bit for some good scores. Left hand down, Ford is going to ride this bull no problem. Look for an 85 with this match.

Todd Chotowetz vs. Bo Chill – They’ve been as many as 86 on this Flying Four bull from Rusty Clunie, Tanner and Ryan Byrne. Luke Snyder rode this bull at the Calgary Stampede last summer and Todd should do the same. According to ProBullStats.com Bo Chill has been ridden 50% of the time in eight trips.

Cody Coverchuk vs. High Definition – Tyler Kraft and Cole Neely brought the Calgary Stampede bulls up the past two days to the school. Those two headed back towards the ranch today to pick up the bulls for this weekend. High Definition has been ridden two of nine times with an average of 21.9 of a possible 25 points from each judge. Cody Coverchuk has been doing some winning lately and is about due for another win in the PBR, this is a great match-up for the long go on night one and should be the win.

Jordan Hansen vs. Goin’ Steady – This Wild Hoggs’ Bull hasn’t been ridden in three attempts so far recorded on ProBullStats.com.  I think Hansen is going to break this one’s streak on Friday.

Dusty Ephrom vs. Slingblade – I’ve been high on this bull in the past year. In Fort St. John last year they won a round on him with an 89 and Jordan Hansen got whooped off him in Claresholm in March. Colby Reilly won Winnipeg on the Vold Rodeo red and I think Dusty will carve this one like a turkey. Slingblade has an average of 21.4 and has been ridden four of nine times thus far on paper.

Jesse Torkelson vs. Pirate Style – Tork rode this Prescott Bull on his way to a win in Manor last summer. Ridden five of seven times for an average score of 85 points, Pirate Style has been ridden four times in a row now.

My money is on the same thing happening for Jesse on Friday.

Clunie-Cooper Memorial PBR – Draw for Day One, May 2nd, 2014 at 7:30pm.

1 Brant Jones Consort, AB RT8 1W Helping Out R
2 Miles Pennington Stettler, AB SKRI 911 EW’s Business R
3 Zac Peterson Velva, ND RT8 6X Rye Whiskey L
4 Cody Ford Hermiston OR SKRI 902 Freight Shaker L
5 Taryl Smith Litchfield, ND SKRI O818 Bob Marley L
6 Todd Chotowetz Major, SK FF4 850 Bo Chill R
7 Zane Lambert Westbourne, MB FF4 940 Krackin Up R
8 Tyler Thomson Black Diamond, AB SKRI 9 Roy Boy L
9 Tanner Girletz Cereal, AB B2 O17 Slow Lane L
10 Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB B2 O13 Shine On L
11 Scott Schiffner Strathmore, AB B2 923 Gold Spring R
12 Jeff Moretto Navangba, QLD GRS 941 Slump Buster R
13 Josh Birks Coonamble NSW GRS 801 True Grit R
14 Ty Elliott Nanton, AB CALG 703 Gingas Kong L
15 Stetson Lawrence Williston, ND CALG 880 Gator L
16 Cody Coverchuk Meadow Lake, SK CALG 838 High Definition L
17 Dakota Buttar Kindersley, SK GRS O87 Sprinkles R
18 Ben Turner Queenstown NZ CALG 638 Pawn Star R
19 Jonathon Couling Singleton, NSW HOGS 818 Morning Breath L
20 Adam Jamison New Zealand HOGS 856 Black Chicago L
21 Jordan Hansen Okotoks, AB HOGS 918 Goin Steady L
22 Brock Radford Dewinton, AB HOGS 724 Lost Wages R
23 Dusty Ephrom Kenosee Lake, SK WV 736 Sling Blade L
24 Garrett Green Meeting Creek, AB PB 617 Holly Rollin R
25 Shay Marks Sunny Brook, AB PB OO3 Hail Storm L
26 Jesse Torkelson Warburg, AB PB 924 Pirate Style L
27 Dakota Louis Browning, MT WV 801 Jader Bayder R
28 Brian Hervey Brant, AB WV 922 Foul Mouth L


CALG 949 Low Life L Low
SKRI O819 Minion Stuart R
GRS 803 Crack Back Jack R
FF4 923 Bad Mamma Jammer L
PB/WV 906 Hippy Tricks L
B2 OO3 Wrangler Extreme R
WV 822 Indian Turtle L
WV 43 Rusty Nails R
HOGS 90 Trendon R
CALG 613 Bombs Away L High




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