What’s That Bull for the 10th Annual Glen Keeley Memorial Bull Riding

STAVELY, Alberta —  It’s now been over 13 years since Glen Keeley passed away in Albuquerque New Mexico at the Ty Murray Invitational. Though gone, Glen has not been forgotten.

For the tenth straight year, he will be honored in Stavely at bull riding in his name. This year, it falls on Saturday August, 31st starting at 7:00pm. A steak dinner is served at 5:00pm for $7.00. Tickets for the bull riding are available at Cowboy Country, the Stavely Town OfficeFrontier Western Shop, and the Stavely Hotel for $25.00 each with kids 12 and under free.

With $15,000 in added money up for grabs, this is one of the biggest Professional Bull Rider’s (PBR) Events in Canada. A $6,000 ride off featuring the infamous 400 VJV Slash will end the evening featuring the night’s champion bull rider. There’s also a buckle up for the winner along with a Saddle Series and Built Ford Tough Series Incentive combined between Coronation and High River that’s yet to be re-scheduled.

Earlier in the day on Saturday is a golf tournament at the Stavely Golf Course. You can’t forget the beer gardens throughout the bull riding along with a cabaret at the hall to follow.

Friday includes a Bucking Bull Futurity sanctioned by Canadian Bucking Bulls Inc. (CBBI) as their finals starting at 7:30. You’ll also see a few junior bull riders in action. If you feel like betting on any of the bulls, a calcutta will be held on Friday at 5:30 including beef on a bun at the Stavely Hotel. The big Calcutta is Saturday Night and has been known to pay a winning team tens of thousands with even more over the past years going to charity.

For more information, visit http://glenkeeleymemorial.com/

You’re going to see another 90 during Saturday Night’s PBR, there have been three in the past two years. You can watch those events again through these links with the event stories

Josh Birks rides Slash for a 92.5 in 2012

Winners Never Quit – Tanner Girletz and Aaron Roy in 2011

This year, there may even be some 90’s in the long go. These are some of my thoughts on some of those match-ups for Saturday Night.

Kyle Lozier vs. Remington Country

A rematch from last year’s short go, Kyle was nearly the first guy to ride this bull. Since then, Zane Lambert has been the only made to do so. As far as Kyle went last year, I think he will ride this wild black and white I like to call Remington Crazy for a score in the high 80’s.


Josh Birks vs. Gretzky

Justin Lloyd took on this big jersey at Ranchmans back in July. For a contractor, Curtis Sawyer has a good to he can haul anywhere in Gretzky. As long as he stays far enough away from the chute he looks really good. Josh should get along well here and spur this bull in the neck. Birks spurred Slash in the neck last year for a 92.5 and wants another shot at him for that big bonus this year.


Jesse Torkelson vs. Moe Banger

Nate Gardner’s little white bull he calls Moe Banger is a great draw in any pen. Tork should be excited about having him. As far as I’ve seen this bull he’s went left darn near every time but switches it up sometimes at the end. Jesse should be 86 to 88 here.


Zane Lambert vs. Northern Lights

We’ve seen this big grey of Todd Braithwaite’s around for a few years now. Ty Elliot rode him this year in June in Wanham for 88.5. Zane already leads the PBR Canadian Standings and again could get himself further ahead before the finals. With only a few events left to go, every bull counts as he makes his way to winning that first Canadian Championship. I’m going with an 86 to 88 here too for Lambert and Northern Lights.


Scott Schiffner vs. Morning Breath

As Skyler McBride said a couple months ago now, “Scott’s been hitting a lot of home runs lately and this bull should be another pitch right down the middle.” Schiffner should ride Morning Breath all day for at least an 85.


Tanner Byrne vs. Team Paige

According to ProBullStats.com Franklin’s Team Paige is the only bull Chase Outlaw has bucked off in Canada so far. Usually in the Championship Round, it’s odd to see a bull of this calibre in the Long Go. Tanner must be excited though as his travelling partner Ty Pozzobon was 90 on this one in the ten round of this Summer’s Calgary Stampede. We could see a 90 here easy.


Tanner Girletz vs. Big Valley Black

Jackpot. Tanner is gonna like this one. We haven’t seen Big Valley a ton this year as he, along with Slash, are on their farewell tours. According to ProBullStats.com, Tanner has stayed on him before. With the amount of success we’ve seen Tanner have in Stavely, I expect nothing less than an 89 on Saturday.


Chad Besplug vs. Rusty Nails

I think this bull has only been ridden once so far too. Usually he would be in the Short Go like many of these other bulls. Chad has won the Glen Keeley Memorial twice before and could make it three with this bull int the Long Go. Rusty Nails gets pretty high in the air but doesn’t kick up much in the back from what we’ve seen. He looks like he’d be tough to ride but it’s nothing Chad can’t do. This could be a big score too I’m thinking with the way this bull bucks. The crowd is gonna go wild when Dave Poulsen tells everyone his neighbor just got a 90.


I may have highlighted most of the match-ups but take your pick. If I didn’t know any better I’d say this is Cawl Braithwaite’s first PBR. It’s going to be some great watching in Stavely as it always is. Get there early to get yourself the best seat.

1 Kyle Lozier 150 Mile House, BC 62 Remington Country R SWYR
2 Travis Warburton Sylvan Lake, AB 875 Moves like Jagger R SWYR
3 Cawl Braithwaite Rimbey, AB 890 Home Boy L XTR
4 Fabian Marcelo Dueck Paraguay 900 Shakin Hands L XTR
5 Josh  Birks Coonamble NSW 899 Gretzky R SWYR
6 Jordan Hansen Okotoks, AB 866 Bucket List R SWYR
7 Jesse Torkelson Warburg, AB 991 Moe Banger L RFTG
8 Dusty Ephrom Kenosee Lake, SK 913 Jugger Nut L XTR
9 Carl Bernier -923 Gold Springs R B2
10 Kim Forbes Ste Catherine de la JC, QC 968 Ray Coulee R B2
11 Jake Wilson Australia -017 Slow Lane L B2
12 Zane Lambert Westbourne, MB 679 Northern Lights R B2
13 Justin Lloyd Tisdale, SK 63 Adams Family R THMP
14 Edgar Durazo Moctezuma Sonora U26 Talk is Cheap R THMP
15 Ty  Elliott Nanton, AB 90 Brownie L SKRI
16 Cody Moore Houston, BC 813 Ice Water L SKRI
17 Clint Johnson Baker City, OR 911 EW Bonness R SKRI
18 Ben Turner New Zealand 902 Freight Shaker L SKRI
19 Scott Schiffner Strathmore, AB 818 Morning Breath L HOGS
20 Alexandre Davignon 91 Sausage Stuffer L HOGS
21 Kyle Primeau Edmonton, AB 715 Bottoms Up R ARMS
22 Tyler Thomson Black Diamond, AB 54T Smoothie R ARMS
23 Tanner Byrne Prince Albert, SK 634 Team Paige L ARMS
24 Adam Jamison New Zealand 687 Snake Bite L ARMS
25 Tanner Girletz Cereal, AB 407 Big Valley Black L WV
26 Dustin Tompkins Winborne, AB 3 Free Fall R WV
27 Chad  Besplug Claresholm, AB 43 Rusty Nails R WV
28 Tony McFarland Missoula, MT 800 Got Da Swagger L GRS
29 Brian Hervey Brant, AB 80 Boom Boom L GRS
30 Michael Ostachek Two Hills, AB 831 Idiot Proof L GRS


817 Livin after Midnight R THMP Low
V29 Finkles Dog L GRS
801 SouthSide Fade R WV
81 Axis of Evil L HOGS
981 Shark Bait R ARMS
22 Proline Power R WV
917 Pound the Alarm R HOGS
803 Crack Back Jack R GRS
11V Buffalo Chips R ARMS
90 Trendon R HOGS High



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