What’s That Bull for Round Two of the PBR Canadian Finals

Saskatoon, SK: This is a short post on a few of tonight’s match-ups in round two of the 2012 PBR Canadian Finals! It all gets started tonight at 7:30. Tickets are still available.

Stetson Lawrence vs. WV 407 Big Valley Black – This is a re match from last October when Stetson won the long go on this big black Vold Bull in Lloydminster, SK. It was 88 points that time and it might just be the same tonight. Stetson needs a big score to get himself into the Short Go on one head since he came down early last night.


Cord McCoy vs. GRS 527 Diego – This bull has been great all year. I’d be interested to add up all the money they won on him. Or lost on him too for that matter. Either way, it’s a great draw for the Amazing Race star, Cord. This bull will spin to the right away from Cord’s hand and travel a ways. It’ll be good watching for sure. Last night, Diego sent Mike Lee flying.


Tanner Girletz vs. 2BIT 813 Danger Ranger – This big bull matches Tanner perfectly. There hasn’t been anyone to ride him yet but Tanner is motivated after sitting out last week. This is another Two Bit matchup that will make the highlight reel and probably get Tanner the round win.


Beau Hill vs CS 868 Everything Cowboy – Thanks to Raymond Goodman, Barry MaGrath and the Calgary Stampede, this bull was named after this very site. Everything Cowboy is a black flat horned bull and he’s going to turn back to the left right in the gate. Beau got on him back in Manor in July and nearly made this whistle to win the event. Tonight, he will get his revenge and a solid check in the round. Thank you again to Raymond and Barry and everyone with the Calgary Stampede!


Brant Atwood vs. RSGA 54 Abu – Brant made a great ride last night on the Girletz’s Forget Me Not for the round win. Tonight, he’s got one from the R Saga Ranch that’s perfect to get him into the Championship Round with the lead. Abu has been solid all year and depending on his trip, could take Brant anywhere from an 84 to an 88.


Ty Patten vs. CS 819 Man in Black – Ty has got to be happy with this draw. The big black muley had two great trips last week at the CFR trowing off both Tanner Byrne and Garrett Green. They both ride right handed like Ty does but I think he’s going to ride this one. After a good ride last night on Smoke Ring, without hitting his head on his get off too, Patten is looking for a win.


Ty Pozzobon vs WV 500 Kin Deadly – Pozzy drew great in Round Two with Duane Robinson and Nansen Vold’s Kin Deadly. Ty is looking for the event win here this weekend and he’s in great shape to do so. My bet is an 85 or 86 in this matchup tonight.


Aaron Roy vs. HOGS 667 Little Joe – Aaron may have put himself too far away to be caught after last night. If there was a chance for Ty Pozzobon or Zane Lambert to get past Aaron, he would have to fall off of this Wild Hoggs Bull. Little Joe isn’t the easiest one to ride, but Roy won’t likely have any trouble. What’ll likely happen is he will ride him like Tanner Byrne did last fall in Lloydminster.


Coming to you from the PBR Canadian Finals in Saskatoon, SK for Everything Cowboy and Two Bit Bucking Bulls, I’m Ted Stovin.




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