What’s That Bull for Round Three of the PBR World Finals

Las Vegas, NV: We’re now two rounds into the PBR World Finals and there are only three riders to get scores on both their bulls. It shows the quality of the bulls that have been selected to be a part of this weekend’s event. Some of those bulls have come all the way from our great nation. Three of them are out tonight along with three Canadian bull riders as Zane Lambert was unfortunately dropped from the finals roster because of not being able to stay in the top 15.

Lambert will go home with $2,500 in prize money. At this point, it’s more than anyone else has won from up our way. That’ll surely change tonight.


Chad Besplug vs. SG 72 Pandemic: Ridden 5/31 times according to ProBullStats.com, C’N Stars’ Pandemic will likely be the first bull Chad Besplug will ride at this year’s PBR World Finals. Chad was presented with the Glen Keeley Award last night, that’s a huge honour for him as he grew up down the road from Glen. I think it’ll inspire Chad to get this bull rode. Guilherme Marchi rode Pandemic in Billings in May for a 90. It’d be cool for Chad to ride this one and win the round too.


Aaron Roy vs. ACE A712 Pit Boss: This Ace of Spades Ranch bull has been ridden 4/22 times according to ProBullStats.com. Aaron rode Pit Boss in Oklahoma City last February for an 85 point score. I think he’d be very happy with a score like that tonight after coming down off his first two bulls. If he were to get a score like JB Mauney did in Pueblo, CO in 2011 on Pit Boss, he could win $25,000 tonight alone. What we do know about Aaron is that he’s in the driver’s seat to win his third PBR Canada Championship in a couple weeks in Saskatoon, SK. If he wants to keep his championship round streak going on from four though, this will be one bull he’s going to want to stay on to make the road easier. Look for a whole lot of try for Aaron tonight to get that whistle.


Justin Koon vs. B2 581 Jackson James: This is the first Canadian bull that will be out at this year’s finals. Jackson James of Todd Braithwaite’s is a good one to start with too. The big brindle has only been ridden twice in Canada this year. The first time was in March in Lethbridge by Tanner Girletz. The other time he was ridden was in Aaron Roy’s hometown and self named event in Asquith, SK by Aaron for an 89.5 point score. Since that trip, no one has even hardly made it around the corner on Jackson James and he’s gotten better and better nearly every time. Justin Koon hasn’t got a score yet at the World Finals but could sure get a good one here. In this video, Zane Lambet gets thrown off of Jackson James in Lloydminster, SK at the SIGA 3D Tour Finals upping his chances to win Bull of the Year in Canada for the first time.


Kody Lostroh vs. 2BIT 861 Bucking Fantastic: I just got off the phone with Josh Berezay who with his wife Tammy and their daughters own this little showy black muley. They are all down here this week to watch him too. He’s the star of their Magrath, AB Ranch and “BF” as they call him, I think, knows he is too. Josh told me that during this morning’s barn tour that livestock director Cody Lambert told the fans about Bucking Fantastic being a bull that really got up in the air. Cody said he hadn’t seen him in person yet but he looked really good on video. Might have even been this video where Matt Triplett rode him in Sidney, MT this summer for a 91.5. Kody Lostroh is probably one of the happiest guys at the World Finals after drawing this bull. Look for an exciting ride with this matchup tonight that’ll probably make the highlight reel with a score in the high 80’s.


Ty Pozzobon vs. HSW 64S Flirtin’ with Disaster: This bull comes from the Hart Cattle Company. It looks like they ride him about a third of the time. Looking at the stats, it should be Ty’s turn to get a score. After coming down on his first two, Pozzy will be wanting to make sure his whole family that’s here has something to cheer about tonight. Even if he doesn’t, they are sure proud of him for making his first finals appearance this year! Ty won’t be satisfied unless he starts staying on. After that near miss last night, it’ll be good for him to get on the board tonight. Look for a mid to high 80 point score here from Pozzobon.


Stormy Wing vs. EKBB 701 Foul Play: Foul Play has been one of the top bulls in Canada all year. There hasn’t really been anyone that’s warmed him up either. Shown below, Foul Play put up the highest marked trip of the entire year with 46.5 out of a possible 50 points pitching Stetson Lawrence half way across Saskatchewan. This could be an outstanding mashup as Stormy can ride any bull on any day though. It’ll be great to see someone go a ways on him too in order to see what this bull will do past that point. Keep an eye on this one as it could be the ride, or out of the night.


From Las Vegas, NV for Everything Cowboy.ca, Two Bit Bucking Bulls, The Brad Phipps Memorial PBR and 3D Bullriding Inc, I’m Ted Stovin.



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