What’s That Bull for Day Two of #PBRLETH

LETHBRIDGE, Alberta — Below is the draw for night two of the Bridge City Chrysler/LA Towing PBR Challenge at the Enmax Center. These are my thoughts on some of the key match-ups.

Stetson Lawrence vs. Bootstrap – Coming off a win in Kalispell two weeks ago and another BFTS appearance, Stetson will have no trouble here. This is a re-match from Lloydminster last fall where the Lazy R bull won the battle there. I don’t think that’ll happen again. With Boot Strap usually being placed in the short go, this will likely be the long go win at 87 or more.

Ty Elliot vs. Buck Bomb – Jesse Torkelso rode this nice looking red brockle-faced horned bull from Curtis Sawyer for an 81 last fall. With the bull being a little more grown up six months or so later, Ty should be more than that on this out.

Chad Besplug vs. Ray Coulee – Chad Besplug doesn’t ride many bulls, but when he does, he makes it count. Ray Coulee from Braithwaite Ranches has been ridden 1/3 times according to ProBullStats.com, that one time was by Tyler Thomson so Chad better stay on here and… he will. A win here in Lethbridge would set him up real well for his own event next weekend on March 8th in Claresholm, AB.

Tyler Thomson vs. E.W.’s Bonness – This bull from Skori Bucking Bulls has more stats than most, he’s been ridden 7 of 16 times for an average score of 82.57 points. Tyler will ride this bull for a score of more than that.

Scott Schiffner vs. Roy Boy – This match-up we’ve now seen twice before. Ellie Skori’s Roy Boy bucked off Mr. Schiffner. The first was was in Coronation and the second time was in October in Lloydminster. If you put both his times together it unfortunately doesn’t even add up to 8 seconds. But this year, Scott is a year older and that much wiser, I bet he gets him twisted this time for an 85 or more. In three trips, Roy Boy has yet to be ridden in the PBR in Canada.

Skyler McBride vs. 2 Dark 2 C – As far as I know, this is one of Skyler’s first bulls back after healing up his lung since Gingas Kong of the Calgary Stampede punched a pretty big hole in his lung. McBride has been healing up and is surely making a run at his first CFR qualification after a couple disappointing years of injury. 2 Dark 2 C from the Wild Hoggs crew is the perfect bull for Skyler to get things rolling on again. They have been in the mid to high 80’s on this little black and blue speckled bull a bunch of times and my bet is on the rider here to be successful.

Tanner Girletz vs. Moe Banger – A couple weeks ago Tanner got knocked out for a few minutes in the practice pen in Olds. For most it’s a tough decision ever to back out of a competition when feeling relatively, especially in bull riding. This time around with the advice of Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine team member Brandon Thome, Tanner won’t be getting on Moe Banger. Girletz has to save his brain and one bull here isn’t going to make a huge difference, sure he would likely ride this bull and potentially win the event but what’s worth more? I think Tanner made the right decision and it’s a good example for nearly everyone out there.

A lot of us see Curtis Anderson on the road each year telling his story of brain injury awareness and I think he’s really getting his point across. Curtis was in a similar spot to where Tanner was but Curtis went ahead and got on, luck wasn’t on his side that day. You can hear Curtis Anderson’s story learn more about his rodeo to recovery at http://cccanada.webs.com/

More recently I was on a plane in Australia and came across this movie called The Crash Reel. It goes through the journey of snowboarder Kevin Pearce and his journey through a brain injury. There are a lot of parallels between the two sports, and I wanted to again commend Tanner for his choice and care for his head.


Jordan Hansen vs. T-Bird’s Danger Ranger – This big red white-faced horned bull from the Two Bit Bucking Bull Company is a perfect draw for Jordan in the long go. Danger Ranger is one bad dude, Hansen better be ready for an 84 here to make it back to the Championship Round sitting pretty.

Justin Lloyd vs. Slash Baby – Nansen Vold has brought this bull along pretty slowly the past couple years as 923 is already five. Like his pa, 400 VJV Slash who was retired this past fall, Nansen figures he’s a late bloomer. In this video from August of 2012 when we first saw the bull, he looked absolutely identical to his Dad, almost like a clone. You be the judge. Justin has got his hands full but could win the round if he’s in the middle when the buzzer goes.


Troy Wilkinson vs. Pipeline – Troy has got great bulls both nights here in Lethbridge and could go back to back in two years here. Ty Elliot rode Pipeline from the Vold Rodeo Company for an 85 here last year, I’d expect the same for Wilkinson on Saturday while taming the black brockle-faced right spinner.


Tyler Pankewitz vs. Torch Head – According to ProBullStats.com, Torch Head from Vold Rodeo has been ridden 2/3 times, once for an 81.5 by Justin Lloyd and once for an 82 by Ty Elliot in High River in November of 2013. My money is on Pank getting an 83 by dressing this red bull up a bit with his outside foot.

Those are my thoughts anyway, here is the full draw for night two in Lethbridge to kick off March of 2014.

1 Stetson Lawrence Williston, ND REG605 BOOTSTRAP R
2 David Mason Bulahdelah, NSW REG836 I’M A PUNK R
3 Edgar Durazo Moctezuma Sonora REG737 CHINA WHITE L
4 Ty  Elliott Nanton, AB SWR03 BUCK BOMB L
5 Shay  Marks Sunny Brook, AB SWR369 NIGHT TIME 9 L
6 Jordan Hupp Stephenville,TX SWR777 JIMINY HOU R
7 Armando Davila Rodriguez Saltillo Coah Mex B2902 GANGSTERS PARADISE R
8 Budd Williamson Ayr QLD, AUS B2017 SLOW LANE L
9 Jesse Van Nek Rockhampton Qld SKR902 FRIEGHTSHAKER L
10 Chad  Besplug Claresholm, AB B2968 RAY COULEE R
11 Tyler Thomson Black Diamond, AB SKR911 E.W.s BONNESS R
12 Scott Schiffner Strathmore, AB SKR9 ROY BOY L
13 Dakota Louis Browning, MT SKR916 POPCORN TWIST L
14 Wyatt Gleeson Crossfield, AB HOGS818 MORNING BREATH R
15 Zac Peterson Velva, ND HOGS73 GAME ON R
16 Jason Malone HOGS918 GOING STEADY L
17 Skylar McBride Madden, AB HOGS911 2 DARK 2 C L
18 Jordan Hansen Hinton, AB 2BIT813 T-BIRDS DANGER RANGER R
19 Luis Villareal Acuna Coah Mex 2BIT697 HANDS FREE R
20 Rosendo Ramirez Hidalgo Mexico HOGS079 GET THIS L
21 Travis Warburton 2BIT991 MOE BANGER L
22 Tristan Carlier PB68 CALICO JACKET R
23 Brock Radford Dewinton, AB PB906 HIPPY TRICKS R
24 Michael Ostashek Two Hills AB 2BIT532 MONKEY BONES L
25 Justin Lloyd Tisdale, SK WVR923 SLASH BABY L
26 Jesse Torkelson Warburg, AB WVR907 DIGGING BOMBS R
27 Ty Tescher Sidney, MT WVR X5 MISSING PARTS R
28 Troy Wilkinson Upper Horton, NSW WVR V3 PIPELINE L
29 Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB WVR900 TORCH HEAD R
30 Garrett Green WVR801  JAYDER BAYDER R


Championship Round




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