What’s That Bull for Day One of the Daryl Mills PBR Invitational

FORT ST. JOHN, British Columbia — The Daryl Mills PBR Invitational returns to the FSJ Rec Center this Friday and Saturday Night.

This year’s event features many of the top bulls and bull riders in all of North America including all three Canadians currently on the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series. With $30,000 in prize money, more points are available for the riders even though only 25% of the points count, there are more of them.

Friday Night include a Grudge Match worth $3,000 for the top scored ride. Of the top two scores on night one, bulls are chosen and the last to be chosen is left out. If there are no rides the money moves on to next year. It’s sure to be exciting once again.

Saturday Night features a dance in the dirt with musical guest, Jake Matthews. A ticket there costs $25, for the bull riding tickets are $40 per day and available at 8 Seconds Western Wear.

These are my thoughts on some of the match-ups for night one of competition in Fort St. John.

Zane Lambert vs. Feeling Blue – This Vold Rodeo Bull hasn’t been rode a ton yet but when a guy does cover him they get a decent score. I’ve seen him go to the right more than to the left but this past Saturday in Winnipeg he went both ways with Stetson Lawrence. The score there was 85.5 as you can see below. Zane sits on the bottom end of the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series and could use these points to gain some ground and stay on tour. My money is on Lambert getting on a roll here and carrying it through to the break.


Ty Pozzobon vs. Brownie – Ty hasn’t had a ton of success as of late on the BFTS. This week he’s spending some time in Prince Albert, SK with his buddy Tanner Byrne to get on some practice bulls and change things around. Ellie Skori’s Brownie has an average score of 41.2 and has ridden once in nine attempts. That was last year by Jordan Hansen for an 80.5 in Langham. Most recently, Brownie scored a 43 with Cody Moore ten days ago in Vermillion. I’m not sure if it’ll be the round but I know it’ll be a score.

Tyler Thomson vs. E.W.’s Bonness – It’s pretty early in the year to already have a rematch but on the first night in FSJ we’ve got two. This is the first one and I think it’ll go differently this time. Bonness has had a big jump out of the chute lately and has looked pretty tough getting most guys on the ground recently. Tyler won’t make the same mistake twice, write him down an 84 here at least. He should be happy too, this is one of the bigger bulls around and should fit him well.

Tanner Byrne vs. Cool Pop – The Eno family has a cool bull in Cool Pop. He’s a little black horned bull that Josh Birks was 84 on in Lloydminster last fall. Tanner has been on a roll the past month and a bit on the BFTS. I think it’s pretty cool what he’s done since winning Lethbridge and getting the call for the big leagues. There’s no question in my mind as to what’ll happen here.


Scott Schiffner vs. Morning Breath – This is the second rematch of the night. Scott was 83.5 on Morning Breath from the Wild Hoggs in Lethbridge six weeks ago. Mr. Schiffner is even older and more wise now so he should get an 84 or more this time.

Ty Elliot vs. State Trooper – Ty asked me today by text what he had and he was pumped when he found out he had State Trooper. Franklin’s big paint is actually the same bull they won this event on last year with a 90.5. I don’t think we will see another 90 but I do think Ty has a great shot at winning the round.


Chad Besplug vs. Smoothie – So far the only score they’ve got on Smoothie in Canada was Jared Farley’s 85.5 last fall in Saskatoon at the PBR Canadian Finals. Chad has been doing well in the CPRA this spring already and I think now it’s time for him to do some winning in the PBR. Besplug rides with a brazilian style rope and when the red brockle faced horned bull turns to the right it’s going to work out as a rider advantage. Besplug – 1, Smoothie – 0.


Jesse Torkelson vs. Buck Bomb – Well I lied, there are actually three rematches, but this one is from last fall rather than this year. Tork won an event on  Sawyer’s Buck Bomb last fall in Delburne, AB. There he was 81 and got knocked around by the bull a bit. The good news is Ken Seimens of Fort St. John was 84.5 on this bull last week and Tork should be about the same.

Below is the full draw for night one of the Daryl Mills PBR Invitational on April 18th, 2014.

Add your thoughts or picks in a comment below!

1 Leland Spence Silver Valley, AB WRV920 PILL POPPIN L
2 Zane Lambert Westbourne, MB WVR825 FEELING BLUE L
3 Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB WVR943 CHECKERS L
4 Colby Reilly Ephrata, WA WVR801 JAYDER BAYDER R
5 Justin Lloyd Tisdale, SK WVR999 BLUE CRUSH R
6 Dusty Ephrom Kenosee Lake, SK WVR856 ITCHY R
7 Ty Pozzobon Merritt, BC SKRI90 BROWNIE L
8 Cameren Parkinson Willow Tree, NSW SKRI902 FREIGHT SHAKER L
9 Tyler Thomson Black Diamond, AB SKRI911 E.W.’S BONNESS R
10 Bradley Ingersoll White Court, AB SKRI0818 BOB MARLEY R
11 Dakota Buttar Kindersley, SK ENO822 T.J. L
12 Cody Ford Hermiston OR ENO924 COOL TIMES L
13 Tanner Byrne Prince Albert, SK ENO024 COOL POP R
14 Lachlan Richardson Gresford,NSW ENO903 BODY TWIST R
15 Jordan Hansen Okotoks, AB HOGS911 2DARK2C L
16 Skylar McBride Madden, AB HOGS918 GOIN STEADY L
17 Scott Schiffner Strathmore, AB HOGS818 MORNING BREATH R
18 Tanner Girletz Cereal, AB HOGS063 KICKIN MS R
19 Josh Birks Coonamble NSW HOGS856 BLACK CHICAGO L
20 Jason Malone San Antonio, TX FRNK997 RED BULL L
21 Edgar Durazo Moctezuma Sonora FRNK10 DRIVE BY RB
22 Budd Williamson Ayr QLD, AUS FRNK972 WEIRD AL R
23 Cody Brown Godley, TX FRNKU6 YOU AND I LB
24 Ty Elliott Nanton, AB FRNK757 STATE TROOPER RB
25 Chad  Besplug Claresholm, AB FRNK54T SMOOTHIE R
26 Travis Warburton Ft McCloud, AB FRNK111U BUFFALO CHIP LB
27 Brant  Atwood Pampa, TX SWYR180 WHISKEY THROTTLE L
28 Wyatt Gleeson Crossfield, AB SWYR014 MAN DIME R
29 Miles Pennington Stettler, AB SWYR866 BUCKET LIST R
30 Jesse Torkelson Warburg, AB SWYR03 BUCK BOMB L





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