What’s That Bull for Day 1 of #PBRLETH

29 February 2016

By Ted Stovin

LETHBRIDGE, Alberta — The following is the draw for day one of the Bridge City Chrysler/LA Towing PBR Challenge in Lethbridge, Alberta at the Enmax Center on March 4th, 2016.

This is the first stop of the 2016 3D Bull Riding Tour and second of the 2016 PBR Canada season. Tickets are still available for Thursday’s Dallas Smith kickoff party as well as Friday and Saturday’s PBR.

Friday and Saturday at the Enmax Center have previously been some of the best days of PBR action we see all season. There aren’t many venues we go that have the energy this town does and I always look forward to being back. On the mic this year once again are Dave Poulsen and Brett Gardiner. They are joined by Florida’s Brinson Harris who’s making at least his third or fourth trip to Lethbridge.

In the bull riding world, Garrett Green leads the way in the standings so far this year and is my first feature matchup on Friday.

Garrett Green vs. L5 Mouse – According to the stats on record, Mouse has only been ridden 25% of the time. Green has been on a roll lately though and is likely to keep things rolling on this Skori bull. Look for an 84 here on the big grey.

Cawl Braithwaite vs. 804 Devil’s Wing – Last year on Family Day Weekend in Kalispell, MT Cawl rode Devil’s Wing for an 87.5 to place high at that event. This bull from the Two Bit Nation of nearby Magrath, AB has more thats and video on record than any other bull I currently know. He’s as steady as they come, Cawl has to be happy with seeing his name beside 804. If I knew how to put the videos side by side like they did the other day at The American I bet this one and Friday’s would end up looking similar.

Shay Marks vs. 43 Real Deal – This Cody Strandquist bull doesn’t put up the biggest numbers but he sure doesn’t look easy to get by. I think he’s been covered before but according to the stats on record he hasn’t yet. Shay made a great ride last weekend in Claresholm to win some money and make the finals and did the same thing the week before in Red Deer. If Shay does everything right he could be the first man of 2016 to cover Real Deal.

Dakota Louis vs. 108 Overcooked – Zane Lambert won the long round of the Chad Besplug Invitational on this black Vold/Prescott bull in Claresholm with an 87. Spinning to the left, this bull is into the Montana man’s hand on Friday night. Last year’s Champ, Louis has a great bull to get back to the finals to defend the title. Look for him to do exactly that.


Round 1 — TPD Long-Go
# Rider Name Bull Name SC Brand Del
1 Cody Casper Ping GRS 114 L
2 Wacey Finkbeiner Pong GRS 115 L
3 Thor Hoefer II General Defence GRS 121 L
4 Beau Hill Brush Back GRS 181 R
5 Cody Coverchuk I’m a Thug FHRC x202 R
6 Tim Lipsett I’m a Hustler FHRC x232 R
7 Tanner Allemand Twenty to Life FHRC 220 L
8 Scott Schiffner Creeping B2 210 L
9 Zane Lambert Night Moves B2 -201 R
10 Jordan Carlier Smokin Oak FHRC x217 R
11 Michael Ostashek Jaw Breaker SKRI L6 L
12 Garrett Green Mouse SKRI L5 L
13 Taran Chirgwin Paradise City X6R 034 R
14 Bryce West Game Face X6R 8-223 R
15 Kale Marks Big Shot SKRI 216 L
16 Cawl Braithwaite Devil’s Wing 2BIT 804 R
17 Shane Peters Shot of Whiskey 2BIT 185 R
18 Tanner Girletz Hands Free 2BIT 697 R
19 Riley Blankenship Memphis OBRC 805 L
20 Adam Jamison Cutie OBRC 106 L
21 Todd Chotowetz Cloud in my Coffee OBRC 108 R
22 Shay Marks Real Deal CSBB 43 R
23 Brock Radford Hillbilly Heaven HOGS 103 L
24 Fabian Marcelo Dueck Checkered Flag HOGS 293 L
25 Lonnie West Rockaholic HOGS 066 L
26 Dakota Louis Overcooked VR/P 108 L
27 Justin Lloyd Crooked Nose VR/P 020 L
28 Devon Mezei Quags Back VR/P 128 L
29 Landon Lockhart Cage Crawler VOL 135 L
30 Lachlan Richardson Mr Legit VR/P 266 L

Round 2 — TPD Short-Go
# Rider Name Bull Name SC Brand Del
1 Smoke Show VR/P 36 R
2 Herf 2BIT 19 R
3 Heaven’s Basement VOL 008 R
4 Feeling Blue VOL 825 L
5 Liquid Fire HOGS 005 R
6 Wrangler Extreme B2 003 R
7 Brahma Boots Chrome OBRC 069 R
8 Barely Legal CSBB 75 L
9 Minion Stewart SKRI 0819 R
10 Rolling Coal SKRI 1954 R



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