Turning Up Instead of Turning Out

Kinsella, AB: “Jordan Hansen made me go” Tyler Thomson told on his way to today’s 15th Annual Kinsella Graveldome Bull-A-Rama. “It’s not that I didn’t want to go to Kinsella, it’s just that I didn’t want to leave home. Looking into the little blue eyes of my Baby Daughter, Harlow, makes it really hard to leave.”

Tyler doesn’t believe in luck but fortunately this trip has been a profitable one that’ll buy his girls some new shoes. $3,718.75 worth to be exact unofficially for his 172 points on two bulls. Two points better than Brian Hervey who finished the event in second place.

In the short go, “TNT” matched up with the Girletz’s PBR World Finals Bull, First Nation Sensation. Here’s announcer Doug Young with the call.


Harrison Flats, the same bull that helped Cody Coverchuk to the Paradise Valley win, was worth 85.5 to Tyler in the long go to split the win there with Cody tonight.


Thomson had this to say at the conclusion of the event.


As the bridesmaid in Kinsella Brian Hervey still made off with $2,550.00 and a bunch more points to add to his season total. In the short go, it was an 86.5 on Thompson’s City Lights.


Half a point behind Hervey was current PBR Canadian Standings leader, Zane Lambert. His high score on the evening came on Flying High’s Lawless in the short go.


Montana Man, Matt Triplett, rode Bar UT’s Boot Strap Bill for an 86 in the short go to finish with 167 on two and fourth place. Josh Birks and I had him bought in the Calcutta but we bought wrong by a half point.


Cody Coverchuk came down from his short go bull but split the long go win on Girletz’s True Grit with an 85.5.


Top bull of the night easily goes to Xtreme’s 706 Butterfly Effect with his out up against Zane Lambert on a re-entry.


Brett Monea gets himself another highlight of the week nod with his help in getting Jordan Hansen out of a hang up to Bar UT’s Jonah the Whale.


A huge Thank-You goes out to all of the sponsors of the 15th Annual Kinsella Graveldome Bull-A-Rama. We look forward to next year and the 16th edition in 2014!

Kinsella Graveldome Bull-A-Rama. PBR Canada – July 10th, 2013. Unofficial results

1. Tyler Thomson, 172/2, $3,718.75; 2. Brian Hervey, 170/2, $2,550.00; 3. Zane Lambert, 169.5/2, $1,487.50; 4. Matt Triplett, 167/2, $850.00; 5. Cody Coverchuk, 85.5/1, $1,235.75; 6. Adam Jamison, 81.5/1, $340.00; 7. Jesse Torkelson, 81/1, $255.00; 8. Zane Lambert, 80.5/1, $170.00.



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