Triplett Thrills Crowd of Over 2000 Taking First in Lashburn

Hansen Gets Whistle in Short Round for Second Place Finish

Lashburn, SK: After a second place finish last night in Eatonia to Two Time PBR Canada Champion Aaron Roy, Matt Triplett of Lakeside, MT is the top man when the dust settled at the 9th Annual Brad Phipps Memorial.

As Trevor Beaton said earlier in the afternoon at the golf tournament, “We hope that Brad keeps the weather right for us again tonight.” Brad must have been there last night once again as it couldn’t have been any better.

It couldn’t have been any better of a place for Stop Number Six on the 2012 SIGA 3D Bullriding Tour too. There are only about 15 bull riders left in the running for that brand new Ford F-150 that’ll be given away in Lloydminster, SK in just over a month. Now that Lashburn is finished, there only remains one more event before the September 29th Finale. That’s next week’s Curtis Lecshyshyn Invitational on Thursday Night just outside of Saskatoon in Langham. Check back later this week for more on that event as well as an interview from last night with Curtis himself.

It’s getting down to crunch time for those bull riders wanting to get themselves back on the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series Tour in enough time to qualify for the World Finals. The good news is that every dollar won at every event counts towards getting yourself there.

A few riders made some moves last night.

In the first section there were two rides and three buck offs. Matt Triplett kept things rolling right off the bat with this one on Ellie Skori’s Bill Cody.


18 year old Jordan Hansen has been picking away thus far this season. His long go draw was Big Country’s Whiskey Sam.


You could see the determination in Zane Lambert’s demeanor last night. He wants to win himself a PBR Canada National Title. He entered twice, this was the first of his four bull rides on the night.


Ty Elliot made a gritty ride on the Wild Hoggs Bull Moves Like Jagger for an 83 to tie for the lead at the time with Lambert.


Madden, Alberta’s Skyler McBride has been on a real roll as of late. He was pumped to draw Final Legacy and managed to get under him but not get stepped on. Colin from Massive TV’s scoreboard showed Skyler coming off his bull at 7.97 seconds.


Captain Canada as Doug Young Announced him, Scott Schiffner made a typical effortless ride on the Ellie Skori campaigner Evil Roy Slade.


Bomb Diggity has been to one, maybe two CFR’s. A big black muley, he’s one  that’ll get you back to the Short Go. Tyler Pankewitz put out a ton of effort and did just that to shoot himself into the lead at the time.


Coming off of a deep placing in Strathmore for about $4,000, Devon Mezei took a spin on the Vold Bull Feelin Blue. Turns out Feeling Blue spins good, good enough to get Devon past Pankewitz for the lead.


Injuries have kept Tyler Thomson at bay this year. He’s made his way to the Top 15  in the PBR Canada Standings. He slipped into the last Short Go spot with this 80 point effort on Girletz’s Billy The Kid as one of the last riders out the gate.


Your Short Go Qualifiers.

  1. Devon Mezei 85.5 on WV825 Feelin Blue
  2. Tyler Pankewitz 83.5
  3. (Tie) Zane Lambert 83
  4. (Tie) Scott Schiffner 83
  5. (Tie) Ty Elliot 83
  6. (Tie) Matt Triplett 81.5
  7. (Tie) Zane Lambert 81.5
  8. Tanner Girletz 81
  9. (Tie) Jordan Hansen 80
  10. (Tie) Tyler Thomson 80

As per usual, you won’t find a better pen of Short Go bulls at anything else in Canada other than a 3D Bullriding Produced Event. Lashburn, SK has got something in their feed too because there have probably been more 90 point rides in that arena than anywhere else in PBR Canada history. Last night was an exception. A few more seconds in a couple of different situations would have made a big difference.

Each bull rider was able to choose his bull for the Short Go depending on where they came in from the Long Go. Devon Mezei picked first with the newly acquired Calgary Stampede Bull, Gingas Kong. Scott Schiffner went big with a pick of the Girletz’s Mr. Echo.

The first man out, Tyler Thomson picked the Wild Hoggs Bull Axis of Evil. It didn’t turn out quite in his favor but he only had two bulls to choose from in the draft when it came down to it. He probably wants this one back.


Originally from Mayerthorpe, now living in Okotoks, Jordan Hansen made a huge move on the big red horned Wild Hoggs Bull Back on Track Double Down. There was not one ounce of quit in Jordan’s efforts.


After getting Northern Chilled in Eatonia on Thurdsay, Tanner Girletz tried to fall off of Extra Mustard in the Long Go. Luckily the bull jumped back under him enough times that Tanner got an 81 and the eighth pick in the draft. Without hesitation, he picked Lazy R’s Boot Strap Bill.


For Zane Lambert’s first bull back in the Short Go, he picked the big short horned brindle Braithwaite Bull Known as Warngler’s Jackson James.


Matt Triplett didn’t get to pick until the last half of the draft. Smoke Ring of Ellie Skori’s wasn’t taken yet and before his name was even called he had him picked. It’s a bull he’s ridden before and rode once again last night.


First Nation Sensation was one of only three bulls to be taken to the 2011 PBR World Finals in Las Vegas from Canada. Zane Lambert is one of the few Canadian bull riders to have been at those PBR World Finals Two separate occasions. The two met last night for what could have been a huge score.


Scott Schiffner, Devon Mezei, Ty Elliot and Tyler Pankewitz all came down before the eight second whistle. With 169 points on two head, Matt Triplett won the event and the 3D Bullriding Ring. This is what he had to say about the win however it wasn’t too much.


Unofficial Results courtesy of our secretary Nikki Phipps!

Long Go

  1. Devon Mezei 85.5 on WV825 Feelin Blue, $881.96
  2. Tyler Pankewitz 83.5, $661.47
  3. (Tie) Zane Lambert 83, $220.49
  4. (Tie) Scott Schiffner 83, $220.49
  5. (Tie) Ty Elliot 83, $220.49


Short Go

  1. Matt Triplett 87.5 on SKRI10 Smoke Ring
  2. Jordan Hansen 85.5



  1. Matt Triplett 169/2, $3,086.86
  2. Jordan Hansen 165.5/2, $2,204.90
  3. Devon Mezei 85.5/1, $1,322.94
  4. Tyler Pankewitz 83.5/1, $881.96
  5. (Tie) Scott Schiffner 83/1, $382.18
  6. (Tie) Ty Elliot 83/1, $382.18
  7. (Tie) Zane Lambert 83/1, $382.18
  8. Zane Lambert 81.5, $176.39


Total Winnings

  1. Matt Triplett $3,086.86
  2. Jordan Hansen $2,204.90
  3. Devon Mezei $2,204.90
  4. Tyler Pankewitz $1,543.43
  5. Zane Lambert $779.06
  6. Scott Schiffner $602.67
  7. Ty Elliot $602.67


Unofficial August BFTS Incentive Standings

  1. Matt Triplett $4,848.80
  2. Tyler Pankewitz $1,543.43
  3. Kyle Lozier $1,079.90
  4. Scott Schiffner $932.23


Like mentioned before, Stop #7 of the 2012 SIGA 3D Bullriding Tour is less than a week away in Langham, SK. Thanks again to everyone in Lashburn for the great golf, prizes, steaks and bull riding. We look forward to coming back next year to celebrate a decade of bull riding at the Brad Phipps Memorial!



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